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Biometry Homework Help Canadian; Top Jobs for Canadian Biology Degree Majors

July 19, 2019 by Statistics Assignment Helper  

A biology degree opens numerous career possibilities. Students who love science should be intrigued to study biometry. Biology degree might be the perfect field to launch on your career path. If you ask a biology alumni, you will be amazed by the variety of career options pursued within that discipline.

Wondering what are some of the career options in your biology study? Read this list of top paying biology career in Canada.

·       Biological technician-Biology technicians use laboratory skills in labs. The carry-out studies that yield research results. The specialist documents the lab results and performs calculations. Lab technicians in Canada are paid approximately 21.05$ per hour.


·       Biochemists- It one of the most lucrative area of study. Biochemists play vital roles in biotechnology fields. Their Biology degree equips them with extensive scientific and research skills. An entry pay of a biochemist in Canada is 34,954$ per month.



·       Genetic Counselor-genetic counselors access the genetic makeup for clients. They communicate with them about the risk of transmitting the genetic disease to their offsprings.


·       Health communication specialist-They are responsible for educating communities on health concerns. They deal with public health issues, including infectious diseases and health management.



·       Pharmaceutical sales representative-They sell medical supplies to hospitals. They have strong knowledge to explain to doctors how new drugs can affect patients.


·       Medical health managers-They spend most of their time interacting with health professionals. Medical managers are supposed to communicate about scientific policies

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