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Pipe Production Line Equipment Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

July 20, 2019 by freemexy  

Pipe Production Line Equipment Plastic Auxiliary Equipment The temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of plastics and the quality of the product. The temperature is too low, poor plasticization, pipe appearance and mechanical properties are poor, after the splitter bracket, the weld is obvious or low strength at the weld. Due to poor thermal stability of PVC, the temperature is too high will break down, resulting in discoloration, scorch, so that the operation can not be carried out. The specific temperature should be based on raw material formula, Plastic Auxiliary Equipment and head structure, screw speed operation and other comprehensive conditions to be determined.Plastic Board Production Line PVC pipe production line. As the PVC material melt viscosity, poor mobility, in order to prevent the screw due to friction heat is too large and heating, causing the screw stick material decomposition or pipe wall rough, must reduce the screw temperature, so that the material can be plasticized, the tube surface bright, Improve the quality of internal and external pipe. Screw temperature is generally controlled between 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, if the temperature is too low anti-pressure increases, the output decline, and even the material does not come out and damage the screw bearing accident. Therefore, the screw cooling should control the water temperature of not less than 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃. The cooling method is to cool the inside of the screw with copper brass. Plastic Auxiliary Equipment. The speed of the screw speed is related to the quality and yield of the pipe. The adjustment of screw speed is determined according to Plastic Auxiliary Equipment specifications and pipe specifications. In principle, the big machine squeeze small tube, the lower speed: small machine squeeze tube, high speed. General Ф45 single screw Plastic Auxiliary Equipment, screw speed of 20 ~ 40r / min, Ф90 single screw Plastic Auxiliary Equipment, screw speed of 10 ~ 20r / min; double screw Plastic Auxiliary Equipment15 ~ 30r / min. To improve the screw speed although a certain procedure To increase production, if too high to pursue production, do not change the material and screw structure of the case, will cause poor material plastics, pipe wall rough, pipe strength decreased. PVC pipe production line set of equipment, the size of the pressure and vacuum tube was squeezed die, the temperature is still high. In order to obtain a lower roughness, proper size and geometry of the pipe, the tube must be sieved and cooled immediately before leaving the die. RPVC pipe are generally used outside the diameter of the method, the tube through the compressed air so that the outer surface of the pipe close to the sizing sleeve wall and maintain a certain roundness, the general compressed air pressure range of 0.02 ~ 0.05MPa, the pressure is stable, Set a storage cylinder to stabilize the compressed air pressure. The pressure is too small, the pipe is not round, the pressure is too large, one is easy to damage the gas plug caused by leakage, the second is easy to cool core mold, affecting the quality of the pipe, the pressure suddenly large and small, pipe formation bamboo. If the vacuum method is used, the vacuum degree is about 0.035 ~ 0.070MPa.