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Plastic pipe production line production function

July 20, 2019 by freemexy  

Plastic pipe production line production function 1. Raw material mixing: PVC stabilizer, plasticizer, antioxidant and other auxiliary materials are added to the high-speed mixer according to the ratio and process. The material is heated to the set process temperature by self-friction of the material and then The material is reduced to 40-50 degrees by a cold mixer; this can be added to the hopper of the extruder. 2. Extruder part: This machine is equipped with a quantitative feeding device to match the extrusion amount with the feeding amount to ensure stable extrusion of the product. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a larger diameter, and the heat transfer area and shearing speed of the material are relatively large, which is beneficial to the plasticization of the material, the screw diameter of the metering section is small, the heat transfer area is reduced and the melt is reduced. The shear rate allows the melt to be extruded at lower temperatures. When the screw rotates in the barrel, the PVC mixture is plasticized and pushed to the machine head to achieve compaction, melting and mixing, and to achieve the purpose of exhausting and dehydrating. The feeding device and the screw driving device adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize synchronous speed regulation. 3.Extrusion die part: PVC which is compacted, melted and kneaded, and the subsequent material is pushed to the die by the screw. The extrusion die is the formed component of the pipe forming. 4. The vacuum setting water tank is used for shaping and cooling the pipe. The vacuum shaping water tank is equipped with a vacuum system and a water circulation system for setting and cooling, a stainless steel tank, circulating water spray cooling, and a vacuum shaping water tank equipped with front and rear moving devices and Adjust the manual device to the left and right and the height.