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LSP-800PVC pipe production line

July 20, 2019 by freemexy  

LSP-800PVC pipe production line 95 twin conical screw extruder, guarantee high output and excellent plasticizing effect;Die head adopts bracket structure so as to ensure the plasticizing effect; Vacuum tank adopts double chamber structure, double water pump water cooling system, quick forming, saving commissioning time;Plastic Pipe Production Line Adopt eight caterpillar haul-off unit, use four caterpillar clamping when produce small pipe, energy-saving; Planetary cutting, adopts multi-point pneumatic clamping structure, fastening the PVC pipe, stable cutting, better sealing and effective swarf suction. The UPVC pipe head design by Liansu can adapt to various formula material. With accurate temperature control system and melt flow channel distributed optimized design, ensures the quality of the pipe. The die head of the PVC pipe adopts multi-layer spreader supporting structure, suitable for handling of the temperature sensitive material. Optimized temperature control and flow channel design The processing of pipe head manufactured by Liansu ensures the pipe quality and the accuracy of pipe dimension; Wide flow channel design ensures the max extrusion output and melt having sufficient staying time inside the die head, so as to eliminate the temperature differences of the melt; treamline optimized design spreader ensures the material flow pass smoothly and evenly; Well-designed mandrel promotes more balanced melt pressure inside the die head´╝Ť These designs ensures the fully melt condition after flowing through the spreader.