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Best smart lighting: Philips Hue, Ikea, Osram bulbs and more

July 20, 2019 by freemexy  

Best smart lighting: Philips Hue, Ikea, Osram bulbs and more Having a smarthome isn't just about clever appliances or smartphone-controlled heating, you can also get clever lights too and that doesn't just mean smartphone control, it means all sorts of great features.Smart Lighting You switch lights on or off everyday and they can play an essential part in creating an ambience in a room. Some smart lighting solutions enable you to recreate the colours within a particular image, while other solutions just mean you don't need to get up off the sofa to turn the lights off. Philips Hue is probably the most well known when it comes to smart lighting and for good reason with numerous features and various bulbs, lamps and other lights, such as strips, available. The wireless system allows you to use your smartphone to not only switch the LED bulbs on and off, but pick the colour and brightness you want, as well as recreate colours within a specific image, like a sunset you uploaded to Instagram or a painting on your wall. You can program specific times, for example waking everyone in the house up at 7am every day with bright lights and the Hue system also has a party mode for flashing in time with your music. Philips Hue is compatible with the IFTTT service, as well as Apple's HomeKit, Google's Assistant and Amazon Alexa, meaning you can create recipes to take your smart lighting to a different level or control them with your voice. Hive, perhaps best known for its smart heating system, offers three bulbs in its smart lighting range. The Hive range isn't as feature rich as the likes of Philips Hue but you'll still be able to control your lights from your smartphone whether home or away, schedule them and change the colour to create your perfect ambience, assuming you buy the Colour Changing bulb. There aren't any strips or lamps available with Hive, like there are with Philips Hue, but Hive does offer both a GU10 and E14 candle bulb, as well as B22 bayonet, on top of the standard E27 bulb. The GU10, E14 and B22 bulbs aren't currently available in a colour changing option but they do come in white dimmable and cool to warm white options. The Hive Active lights are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so if you have an Amazon Echo device, or Google Home home device, you can control your lights with your voice too.