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The Benefits of Oval Tubing

July 20, 2019 by tubos mumbai  

Tubos is one of the leading oval tubing manufacturers in India. For the best quality Oval Tubes, we serve as a one-stop destination in the international market. At Tubos, our stainless steel Oval Tubes is manageable and durable. They are widely used in different industrial and engineering applications.

Oval tubing offers a number of benefits when compared with standard circular tubes. The shape is stronger and is less likely to become misshapen. It is likewise more compact so the tube will take up less space. This makes it a good option for settings where there is limited room to work with. A third benefit is that the shape is also more aerodynamic. This makes it a good option for things like exhaust pipes on vehicles.

If you do choose oval tubing it is important you keep in mind that it takes more expertise to bend and adjust the tubing. This is true of every type of none circular tube. The difficulty comes from the fact that circular tubes will support themselves when they are manipulated, helping to reduce the risk of misshaping. Non-round varieties lack the support and can flatten or buckle. Care, precision and the right equipment are needed to avoid this.

There are two different types of oval tubing to be aware of; elliptical and flat-sided. The first is a true oval and has a continuous rounded edge. The latter has flattened sides like a rectangular tube but with curved ends. Whichever option you choose it is vital you take the same amount of care so that the finished piece is perfect.

At Tubos, We have different grades of SS oval tubes like 304 Stainless Steel Oval Tube, 304L Stainless Steel Oval Tube, 316 Stainless Steel Oval Tube, 316L Stainless steel Oval Tube and 201 Stainless Steel Oval Tube. At Tubos, we offer all types of oval tubes manufactured with care and precision. We are committed to quality and ensure that every single piece of tubing we deliver meets your needs.

You can view the various sizes of oval tubes we offer on the products page on our website. The sizes are clearly labeled so you can find the one you want with ease. If you don’t see a size to suit your specifications you can contact us to request a bespoke one. We can manufacture the tube for you in many cases.

Buy your stainless steel oval tubes from us at an affordable price. For more details, simply give us a call at (+91) 22-66362001.