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China is United States’ top security threat, defence official tells Aspen forum

July 22, 2019 by freemexy  

China tops the list of security threats to the United States and has the potential to change the world order for "good or ill", a senior US defence official said on Saturday.To get more china breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.
Speaking at the annual Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, John Rood, undersecretary of defence for policy, said China was "the one country, the largest country, with the ability to change our way of life in the United States, and change the global order, for good or ill".
China figured heavily during the four-day meeting of top US officials and policy leaders, which ended on Saturday.Retired general Tony Thomas said the world's most populous nation presented a greater challenge in the field of technology than the US had seen in nearly 20 years.
"This is an area where we have lacked competition, in terms of peer competition," he said during a panel discussion.
China had "pushed" the US to prioritise a comprehensive approach to military applications of 5G wireless communications and the application of artificial intelligence, he said.Chris Brose, a former director of the armed services committee responsible for funding and oversight of the US defence department, said China's territorial ambitions in the South China Sea and on its border with India should be a major focus for America's security efforts.
"There is an expansiveness that I think is concerning, and I don't know where it ends," he said. "I think that's ultimately what the United States needs to focus on ... having the ability to deter expansionist and aggressive acts on the part of China."
Also on Saturday, the US state department urged Beijing to stop its "bullying behaviour" in the South China Sea, amid an ongoing dispute with Vietnam.
"China should cease its bullying behaviour and refrain from engaging in this type of provocative and destabilising activity," the statement read.
Vietnam's foreign ministry had earlier called for the Chinese survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 and at least four coastguard escort vessels to leave Vanguard Bank, part of the Spratly Islands claimed by both Hanoi and Beijing.
Brose said Washington risked losing supremacy to China if it did not respond to Beijing's large-scale investments in technology, but said the Asian giant did not yet pose an overwhelming threat.Other officials adopted a more conciliatory tone on the future of relations between China and the US.
"There's a kind of China fever rising in Washington," said John McLaughlin, a former deputy director of the CIA.
"It's important that we recognise it as a serious competitor and challenger, and that we not be complacent about its chances of overtaking us in the world, but we don't really know yet whether the right term is competitor, [or] adversary. Do we have to rule out partner yet?"
Due to the size of their economies, the US had a responsibility to the world to properly manage its relationship with China, McLaughlin said.
"[Relations between the two sides] are complicated," he said. "We want to maintain our pre-eminence, but we really don't want to go to war."