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Expert tips: Wash clothes - that's how it works?

July 22, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you want to dose the correct detergent and choose the right program for your laundry, you have to be well informed nowadays.

Sort detergents, care symbols, laundry, select washing programs: bildderfrau.de shows how to achieve radiant washing results.

Washing clothes is an art in itself in times of highly functional washing machines and countless detergent offers. Do I need a special detergent for black laundry? How many programs should my new washing machine have? Why does my laundry have a gray haze? Professional towels cleaning service shows how it's done.

Wash laundry properly: Different fibers, different care

The basis of good care of textiles is to know which fiber they are made of.

The fact that different fibers require different care depends on the morphology of the fiber, i.e. its chemical structure, wool is sensitive to bases, for example, which is why our grandmothers always advised us to add a drop of vinegar to the wash water For example, a synthetic fiber such as polyester has a smooth surface, and some cold water and soap are enough to clean a polyester fabric.

From which fibers a textile is made and how it is cared for, you can see the care instructions on the garment. Although manufacturers often want to protect themselves against possible complaints with the care instructions, it is still advisable to follow these recommendations says towels cleaning service.

What do the washing symbols mean?

In the washing tub, the temperature is indicated (30, 40, 60 or 95 degrees, etc.). A vat without underscore stands for soft and colored linen, simply underlined means "easy-care" and double-underlined "gentle cycle", which is used for wool and delicates.

The hand in the washtub stands for hand wash and a crossed-out tub for a washing prohibition. These textiles belong in the cleaning.

The care symbols at a glance:

The cooking and color laundry program (normal program) consists of the main wash, rinse, possibly after treatment and spin. The prewash is an additional function and can be selected separately.

It is done with the maximum amount of filling, e.g. with 5 kilograms, washed. The washing program then takes about 120 minutes. Sometimes it is possible to additionally switch on a rinse or to increase the rinsing level.

According to towels cleaning service, this is useful for very soft water, allergic persons or especially sensitive textiles. The washing program ends with the spin cycle and possibly with loosening the laundry for crease protection.