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The Difference Between Fixed LED Display And Rental Screen

July 22, 2019 by freemexy  

The Difference Between Fixed LED Display And Rental Screen With the wide application of LED display, its excellent advertising function by more and more businessmen's favor, and LED display also applied to conferences, exhibitions, performances and other occasions.Stadium Led Display   But the high cost of construction to discourage many small and medium-sized businesses, for one or several temporary commercial publicity activities to invest money is obviously not cost-effective, it is in this market demand, LED display rental market was born. LED rental screen and fixed installation screen, the difference is mainly in the rental screen needs to be constantly moving, repeated disassembly and installation, so the product requirements are higher, in product shape design, structural design, material selection are fastidious.   Rental screen can be used more convenient disassembly, at any time combination size, service more humane; Fixed installation screen is very limited, location fixed, the size of the screen is consistent, can not meet the diverse needs of customers now.   First, the Fixed installation screen is installed in turn, the size is very standardized, and leasing screen requirements can easily be repeated installation, dismantling, handling, staff can quickly finish work, reduce customer labor costs;   Second, the rental screen for transport and handling of the slight bump has a strong tolerance, size to conform to the transport vehicle loading system, especially the trans-continent, is greatly different; Third, because often the need to carry, so the design of the LED screen itself to be able to withstand the rugged handling, or in the process of handling is very easy to collide, led damage, even if a LED lamp is broken will affect the overall effect.