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Know How to Activate or Replace a Spectrum Modem?

July 22, 2019 by Adam Wilson  

Several times while using Spectrum Internet, the customer may need to replace their old modem or activate a new one. But they don’t know how to do it, for help we have provided procedure to do so, so if you were looking for the steps you are at the right place. Here we are mentioning some of the steps to guide how to activate and replace a spectrum modem. We will direct you properly how to activate or replace a modem.

Important note: If you are Spectrum Business Internet Customer, you have to use an authorized modem from the Spectrum. Though it’s not compulsory that every users able to solve this issue by following the below mention steps so either follow the steps and if it won’t work call customer support at Spectrum Customer Service Number +1-844-947-4746.

 Required equipment is

·         Ethernet or USB cord

·         Coaxial cable

·         Power cord

·         Modem

For connecting your modem

·         For details for the self-install kit, click here.

·         After that, open your web browser.

·         Mechanically, a spectrum web page will open and recognize your account. If in case, it doesn’t open it, you can access the activation website.

Important note: It is suggested to connect your modem to a wall outlet directly and not to use a splitter. In case, you use a splitter, make sure that it is rated as 3.5 dBmv. And one more important thing to keep in mind is to that if these steps won’t work, don’t frustrate just call at +1-844-947-4746 Spectrum Support Phone Number.

How to install a new Modem?

After way in the self-activation tool, follow below mention steps:

·         Choose the Install new Service option.

·         Next step will be entering your account number, zip code and telephone number.

·         Now, Select the Next option and keep on going the Internet Self-Installation steps.

·         For testing your connection, visit spectrum.net.

Steps for replacing an existing modem.

·         Perform the given steps to replace your old modem:

·         1st step will be, accessing your activation tool.

·         After that Select the option ‘Replace my Equipment’.

·         After that, enter your Account Number.

·         And now you have to enter CMAC Address (serial number) and Cable RF MAC address. You will see it on your old modem.

·         Choose the Next option and keep on subsequent the Internet Self-Installation steps.

(To test your connection, visit net.)

If In case you have swap your old Spectrum modem with a new one, your receipt will endow with your old and new MAC address, both. But any how if these steps you won’t able to follow or not able to perform the upper mention steps contact our customer support at Norton Tech Support Number +1-844-947-4746. Resources URL: - https://medium.com/@adamwilson99988/know-how-to-activate-or-replace-a-spectrum-modem-529759718480