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Coating Binders Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2018 to 2027

July 22, 2019 by Steve Blade  

The coating binders market is likely to expand at a modest pace, according to the latest report by Fact.MR. The demand in the coating binders market is expected to surpass 36,000’000 tons by the end of 2018. The manufacturers in the coating binders market are shifting their focus from solvent-based coatings to water-based coatings. Stringent regulations by the governments across various countries with an aim to minimize VOC emission is resulting in the use of water-based coatings.

Environmental compliance is emerging as a primary reason for various industries shifting towards water-based coating technology. National, state, and local governments across the globe are regulating VOCs by limiting the amount businesses are allowed to emit in a particular time period. Businesses are also using water-based coating technology to lower VOC output, as it has no or considerably fewer solvents.

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The demand for Alkyds coating binders is anticipated to grow at a significant rate, as per the report by Fact.MR. Alkyd coating binders are likely to rule the organic coating industries for a long time owing to the inherent potentials and versatile characteristics. Employing a significant amount of renewable material is one of the biggest factors for substantial growth of alkyds in the coating binders market.

The report provides information on the key segments in the coating binders market. The key segments of the market included in the report are product type, application, nature, and technology. The key segments are further divided into sub-segments.

The coating binders market has been thoroughly analyzed in the latest research report published by Fact.MR on coating binders market. The report provides valuable insights along with the factors influencing the coating blinders market growth. The information and the data provided on the coating binders market is accurate, precise, and unbiased. The report also offers information on the market dynamics including trends, opportunities, challenges and driving factors in the coating binders market. The primary and secondary research on competitive landscape is also included in the report. The report on the coating binders market offers valuable insights and forecast on the market. The major factors  influencing the coating binders market growth are also included in the report. The goal of the report is to provide exclusive information on the coating binders market and enable readers to plan business strategies accordingly. The report on the coating binders market provides future prospects on growth opportunities.

New Technologies Making Mark in Coating Binders Market

The on-going trend of low and zero VOC coatings is offering opportunities for innovation in coating binders. Antimicrobial coating technology is gaining popularity ensuring microbial control, providing hygienic surfaces and providing film preservation in paints. For instance, Croda has launched MyCroFence, a first-generation acrylic binder with the active antimicrobial surface component.

With the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive sector, manufacturers in the coating binders market are focusing on developing effective coating binder material that can replace industry standard polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) binder, a toxic solvent with the water-based solvent.

Conductive polymer gel binders ensuring long-term stability of electrodes in high power lithium-ion batteries have gain traction as a novel polymer binder for next-generation high energy and high power lithium-ion batteries. The rise in an autonomous driving system is also resulting in the development of paint and coating binders for vehicle sensors.

Solvent Manufacturers are also investing in the research and development activities to develop solvent-based low-VOC products and enhancing the properties to improve performance and features. 

Manufacturers in the coating binders market in China are also focusing on developing new waterborne coating solutions for furniture, construction and other industries. The development of the new coating technology in the coating binders market in the country is also accelerating. Companies are focusing on developing new coating technology for high and low-temperature resistance, anti-graffiti coating technologies, nano-smart coating, and self-cleaning coating technology are some of the advanced technologies being developed in China.

Additional Questions Answered

The report on the coating binders market also offers answers to some of the important questions.

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  • Which technology in the coating binders market is likely to account for the highest share?
  • Which product will emerge as the top-selling in the coating binders market?
  • What will be the volume share of waterborne coating technology in the coating binders market?

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