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How to use the Meat thermometer?

July 23, 2019 by digitalseoweb12  

If you are looking to prepare the best meat ever then you can make it with the help of the meat thermometer as because if it you will be well versed how well it’s cooked. With the help of the meat thermometer you will be able to tell whether the meat is cooked, over cooked or undercooked.

If you don’t have the cooking thermometers in your home then it’s high time that you buy one so that you can cook and offer safe food to your family.

If you are cooking a large meat, chicken, roast or turkeys then you can insert the oven going meat thermometer before grilling or roasting. You can use this thermometer while cooking on the grill or roasting it inside the oven.

How to use the oven going meat thermometer?

You have to insert the thermometer at least two inches in the center of the largest muscle or at the thickest portion of the meat which is uncooked. The thermometer should not be in contact with the pan, fat or bone. This will be depicting incorrect temperature. When you notice that the meat has reached the desired temperature then you have to inset the thermometer at a distance. If there is fall in the temperature then continue cooking and if you see that there is no fluctuation in the temperature then remove the meat from the grill or the oven.

Keep the meat covered with foil for 15 minutes before its craved. The temperature will be rising to 5°F to 10°F at the standing time.

Instant Read thermometer for meat:-

These types of thermometers are viable in digital and dial forms. You have to use these thermometers when the meat is outside the oven and it offers the instant reading of the meat.

Dial Instant read thermometer:-



The thin portion of the thermometer has to be inserted two inches in to the food. In case of the burgers and the chops you have to insert the stem of the thermometer through the sides of the meat cut so that accurate reading is got. The exact temperature will be recorded in 15 -20 seconds. You should never insert this thermometer in the food while it is cooking.

Digital Thermometer for instant meat reading:-

This type of temperature probe has to be placed at least half of inch inside the food and the temperature will be recorded in 10 seconds. This thermometer is best for the doneness of the larger cuts and thinner foods but this type of thermometer should not be kept in the food while you are cooking.