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Laser engraver: how does it work?

July 25, 2019 by Glain max  


A laser engraver exploits the reactions of the materials when they are subjected to irradiation: the irradiation can remove a part of the surface of the material cause a scratch or a chemical reaction that creates a new layer with a different color.

A laser engraving can process all types of materials, porous and non-porous: paper and cardboard, wood, metals, ceramics, and glass. Among all, the most requested are the laser engravers for wood and those for metals: the former are appreciated for the contactless processing, the absence of waste material and the range of possible customizations, metal laser engravers, on the other hand, are more versatile and guarantee a clean and precise marking.

The advantages of using a laser engraving:

There are many advantages of laser engraving, but the major advantage is that the cutting tool is a highly-focused beam of light and non-contact that results in less wear and tear on tools. Following are some of the other advantages of laser engraving.

•    Precise, clean, high definition markings.
•    Wide range of treatable materials, from wood to fabric, from glass to cardboard, from laminates to metals.
•    Contactless processing, with consequent cancellation of the risk of damaging the substrate.
•    No chips and dust production.
•    Reduced wear of laser machine components.
•    Optimization of time and production costs.

Do you want a cheap laser engraver?

Among the most economical laser engravers but capable of guaranteeing extremely high performance, you will find compact laser engravers: ideal for marking metals and hard plastics, for industrial applications but also job-shops.

Looking for a portable laser engraver?

Then you can consider a bench laser engraver, a so-called marking station: it is made up of compact cabins with an all-in-one structure, which allows you to carry wherever you want the marking power of your laser and to work any material at any time.

Laser engraving machine - Laser cutting:

High-performance, long-lasting laser cutting and engraving solutions

Overcoming the standards of the engraving industry, our laser machines are designed for marking, engraving or laser cutting on all media (Plastic engraving, wood, Steel marking punches, metal, leather, glass, ...).

They are available in different sizes, powers and technologies: from the small format CO2 laser machine to the fiber laser engraver for industrial.

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