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What Are The Major Options To Ship From China To The US

July 27, 2019 by chinafreightus  

When Shipping from China to US the freight cost, lost cost and speed are an important factor. Once the business gets started, the export and import become an important part to ensure economic benefits.




Living in the US? Getting started business with China? Once you start importing, you must take care of the options in regard to the shipment sources.


A few years ago, there were no major sources to rely on but today with the expansion of technology and transport facilities; we have several sources to ship goods from one country to another.


If you are importing goods from China for the first time you might depend on the container shipping. Of course, if you have a sufficient amount of cargo to load, then it is a cost-effective option.


But it is not the only option; there is part-containers load service where your cargo is consolidated with other people’s goods travelling to the same destination. The beauty of this option is that it offers a very cheap and effective price deal for small to medium-sized cargo as well.


Straight forward speaking part-container load service is a hassle-free, cheap and easy method and is usually arranged by a freight forwarder. Prices are considered on the basis of a per-cubic meter and hence are charged based on the size of your consignment.


Once the manufacturing of the goods is done, an important factor to consider is checking how shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses can be done? There are several ways one can apply for Amazon shipping labels. Your shipment cost is the key to decide whether your goods will be sold on Amazon or not, ergo it is so important to check on the shipping costs or freight costs.


Now the question comes how to ship from China? The main thing following a good strategy and take control of the Amazon FBA inventory and do a proper listing of sales volume. The major options include;


  • The goods will be directly supplied from the suppliers in China to the Amazon FBA,
  • The goods are shipped from China to a third-party which prepares to send the goods to Amazon FBA.


The best method is to ship from china directly to Amazon FBA. This is the cheapest method as sending via a third party might cost you an additional storage cost.


Air Express is expensive and if you are planning to send the products via expressway, you should directly send it to Amazon FBA.

There are other methods you can ship goods from China to the US, which includes;


  • Sea Freight is one of the most complicated methods to ship goods. Even though it takes a lot of time, to ship and follow complicated custom procedures, it is the most used and widely adopted method. Retailers that need large amounts of goods are benefitted from sea freight.
  • Courier services are recommended for retailers that have small sample packages. Shipping methods are China-post or e-packets offer security and tracking services. Express shipping services such as FedEx. DHL or UPS ship in 5-8 days but are expensive than the China-post or e-packets.
  • Airfreight is generally for the shipments above 150kg to 500kgs. It is considered as the quickest service to deliver products to the destination. However, air freights are subject to customs clearance which can result in delays, fines, and other costs.
  • Drop Shipping means delivering from the manufacturer directly to the customer. Those retailers who don’t want to keep the stock in the stores for long can be benefitted from the drop shipping method.


China is one of the largest markets for cross-border commerce. There’s a steady stream of demand from China across the globe, hence it is very important to consider the freight costs and fluctuating rates while shipping goods.