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The most advanced stone production line equipment

July 29, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Recently, the author of the most popular on the market, the owners to reflect the best Concrete Crusher South Africa production line equipment inventory discovery, four types of equipment is well deserved, the latest and most advanced stone production line equipment. Said Dan Duane crusher is the latest and most advanced stone production line equipment, mainly thanks to its large crushing ratio is capable of a top-two break, the crusher breaks the traditional Jaw Crusher can only be used as precedent for rough device, Crusher was able to sand to boulders to broken into powder, which greatly simplified the production process.

To produced 50 tons granite gravel line for cases, has above two species selection programme, but from Shang figure of compared in the we can see, using a Taiwan single segment e type broken machine will can alternative a Taiwan traditional 400*600 e broken and 1210 counterattack broken, and e type broken machine in granite broken aspects has not alternative of advantage, not like counterattack broken as easy loss pieces wear serious, thus greatly reduced tons finished aggregate of production cost.

Rotor centrifugal sand' reason for listing: Germany imported 60%, sand rate, especially suitable for hard materials such as river gravel, sand Compared with the VSI sand making machine made, Germany original rotor centrifugal sand making machine has the following advantages: 1. production capacity increased by more than 1 time; 2. feeding size increased by more than 50%. 3. rotors worn 1 time lower than double; 4. reduce energy consumption by more than 50%; 5. patented double-cavity-type rotor design, 6. jam-free production.