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What is the meaning of Set top Box (STB) means?

July 29, 2019 by digitalseoweb12  

The set top box is a device which is entrusted for receiving the digital signals, decode them and then display those on the television sets. The signal could be internet data as well as the television signal which is mostly received through the telephone or cable connection.

Earlier the set top boxes were used for satellite and cable television and it could deliver more channels than the local cable operator could deliver. It used to receive the signals which comprised of the data for the numerous channels and those were filtered out which were viewed by the users as per their desire.

Presently STB comprises of the two way communication which permits for the interactive features which includes adding the premium channels from the device or incorporating internet access directly.

The following are the numerous types of set top boxes:-

1. TV signal sources:-

It encompasses a satellite dish, Ethernet cable, broadband over the power line, ordinary UHF or VHF antenna, coaxial cable, DSL connections.

2. IPTV:-

This type of set top boxes is the small computers which permits two way communications on the Internet Protocol network and decoding of the video streaming media.

3. Hybrid:-

These were invented in the year 2000 and it is very popular among the free to air and paid TV set top box ventures. It facilitates the traditional broadcasting of the TV from the satellite, cables and the terrestrial providers and all this is combined with the video output offered by the networks well as the personal multimedia content. Henceforth they offer the users to view varied content and also assist in removing the requirement of different set top boxes for every service.


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