LeapZipBlog: Adam Wilson's blog: Know How to Block and Unblock Senders/Domains in Spectrum Email

Know How to Block and Unblock Senders/Domains in Spectrum Email

July 29, 2019 by Adam Wilson  

Spectrum email is one of the best emails, as because of highly advanced features like its ease in use and other features and facility. But sometimes users may be caught in several errors and issue, which may trouble them, or some time users not able to understand some of its features, in that blocking and unblocking senders/domains is one of them, as many customers don’t know how to do so. Well in this blog will be discussing how to block and unblock domains in spectrum email. If because of some reason you not able to follow these steps or not able to block and unblock senders /domains in spectrum email you can contact at +1-844-947-4746 Spectrum Technical Support Phone Number.

Steps for Blocking Senders

Know how to block a sender by below mention steps.

1.    1st step will be Sign in to Spectrum Email.

2.    After that go to your inbox and select the Email tab > Inbox.

3.    Now, choose the checkbox next to the email(s) you want to block.

4.    Then Select Mark As > Block Sender

Sometimes users want to block multiple senders, for that the steps are different.

    In this you don’t have to do anything more, just follow steps #1-3 from above.

    Then do select the checkbox next to the multiple emails you want to block.

    After that Select Mark As > Block Sender.

For Managing Your Blocked Email List

For, preventing unwanted or harmful emails from senders add them to a Blocked Senders list, so that they won’t able to trouble you.

For accessing blocked email list and block senders:

    1st step will be log in to Spectrum Email.

    Next Select the Settings tab (top).

    Afterwards select the arrow next to Account Settings (left) to expand it

    Now, select an account name and go to the Blocked Senders section.

    Lastly, enter an email address or a domain name you want to block.

    Then select Add.

(Important Note: A domain is the element of the email address that follows the @ symbol. You valor have reason to block an entire domain. For exemplar, the domain of a company you don't want to do deal with.)

Unblock Senders

For unblocking senders, follow below mention steps.

    First, log in to Spectrum Email.

    Then choose the Settings tab (top).

    Subsequently, select the arrow next to Account Settings (left) to expand it.

    Afterward, select an email account and go to the Blocked Senders section.

    Now, select an email or domain you want to unblock.

    Lastly, Select Remove.

Well, this upper mention will help to resolve your issue blocking/ unblocking the sender/domains in spectrum email, if somehow you will not able to do so, just contact +1-844-947-4746 Spectrum Customer Support and avail instant help of skilled technicians who are available round the clock to assist you in time of need. Resources URL: - https://medium.com/@adamwilson99988/know-how-to-block-and-unblock-senders-domains-in-spectrum-email-a3f816d65441