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How to Maintenance forklift?

July 31, 2019 by Amy  

In construction machinery, China Transport Group forklift is a typical industrial handling vehicle, which is often used for warehousing and transportation of large objects. It is an indispensable equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation. It is regularly maintained to ensure the stability during the transportation of China Transport forklift. It is indispensable, so how do we need to maintain the China Transport forklift? Our manufacturer has specially prepared the following points for your reference and hopes to help you.


◎The shelf is the main component to prevent the cargo loaded on the fork of the China Transport forklift truck from sliding down to the operator. If the installation is loose, removed and reused, it will be very dangerous and may cause a major accident.

◎The overhead guard is the main part that prevents the upper object from falling and protects the operator's safety. If the installation is loose, removed, used, and used after modification, it will be very dangerous and may cause a major accident.

◎ The tire inflation pressure is inflated according to the pressure value specified by the “tire pressure” sign.

◎The tank cover cannot be easily opened when the engine is very hot.

◎In the process of using the chain, it should be inspected regularly to ensure good lubrication conditions between the chain links, and the left and right chains are tight and tight; if the chain wears during the use, the chain pitch change value exceeds the standard value. At 2%, the chain must be replaced to ensure the safety of the China Transport forklift.

◎ After one day of work, the fuel tank should be refueled. This will prevent the moisture in the tank from condensing into water at night.

◎ When leaving the car, the hand brake must be in the braking state, the fork will be lowered to the ground, and the shift handle will be placed in the neutral position, and the engine will be turned off or the power will be disconnected. When parking on a small ramp, pull the parking brake device and use a wedge to cushion the wheel when the parking time is long. It is strictly forbidden to park the China Transport forklift on the big slope.

◎ It is not allowed to modify or add any working device to China Transport Forklift without written approval from the company, otherwise the rated load may be affected.

◎ When fueling, the driver should not be in the car and let the engine turn off; do not ignite when checking the fuel tank level.

◎The pressure of the multi-way valve and safety valve of China Transport forklift has been adjusted before delivery. Users should not adjust it during use to avoid damage to the entire hydraulic system and hydraulic components caused by excessive pressure regulation.

I don't know if we have a new understanding of the maintenance knowledge of China Transport Forklift through our detailed introduction. If our sharing has provided you with help, please continue to follow our website, we will share more exciting news in the future, thank you for your support.