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Comprehensive Upgrade of Sand Maker Technology

August 5, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Market demand is the driving force for Cement Clinker Grinding Process manufacturing development. We can see from the production technology of mechanical equipment that science and technology in China have reached a quite high level at present. Recently, the successful launch of the Shenzhou-9 manned spaceship is enough to prove that the machinery manufacturing capability and technology are in line with the international standard. Henan machinery is also developing equipment catering to the market demand. tries to keep up with the trend of market development and master advanced technology in mining machinery market.

Though the overall development technology of national machinery industry has been up to the international level, Henan needs to continue efforts to reach the international level. The production technology of the third generation sand making equipment can rival that of some developed countries. The investment is about 30% lower than that of the traditional sand makers with much higher production. The 'stone crushes stone' working principle introduced from abroad has effectively extended its service life, improved production capacity, saved costs, recycled resources and protected the environment, bringing about much profit to the customers.

The third generation sand maker plays a pivotal role in the infrastructure construction. Thanks to the artificial sand it produces, the smooth running of the process is ensured. The production technology is being improved as time goes by. Under the situation of more and more fierce competition, this equipment is embraced by increasing customers both at home and abroad.