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Advantages outdoor parquet

August 7, 2019 by Glain max  


If you are planning for a renovation or moving to you new home, Woven Parkett can be the great option for flooring. It can easily enhance the beauty of your interior.

Today parkettboden can be placed in outdoor spaces, something that was once impossible. This type of flooring is called "Deck".
Let's see its advantages:

A bambus produkte is an investment that is certainly worth doing, on one condition however. One must be well aware, when deciding to buy it, that maintenance must be constant throughout the life of the wood. Parquet cannot be neglected but it is not even this hell as many claim.

You just need to dedicate yourself consistently to your well-being, as you do with all the valuable things that need maintenance. To clean it, after all, just a special product and a slightly damp cloth. Every 15 years it is smoothed again and returns as new.

If we decide to sell the house we can request a higher price because its market value goes up. In addition to the more venal side of the matter, there is also to say that wood is a living material, who changes with time, another thing compared to cold tiles.

Walking barefoot on the terrassendielen cannot be compared to walking on any other material. Even in winter it is not as cold as ceramic tiles but it retains the typical warmth of a living thing.

Those who use massivholzplatte hardly once move on, because it is a really comfortable type of floor. Compared to all the others it also allows you to personalize your home: we can choose between laying in squares, herringbone or geometric patterns / designs, to make our home more in line with our tastes and with our personality. No other floor allows such a wide space customization.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:

This bambusparkett is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. You can sweep or vacuum, then complete the process with a damp mop, either with water and a touch of vinegar, or with a wood cleaner that is not alkaline and does not contain wax.

It is important to note that perhaps some scratches of our pets, our fabulous heels or some very heavy furniture can leave a small trace on these floors. However, this will give them a more real and fabulous finish, which, after 10 years, can be sanded and left as new.