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Top High Techniques to Improve Google Ranking of Your Website In 2019

August 7, 2019 by Zinavo  

SEO- (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. By doing professional research and implement the insights you find in your website and future content.


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SEO is really a secret game where no body can figure out the exact right approach to rank higher on Google.We need right planning and the right strategy to rank our website on top of the google.


To  Improve Google Ranking of Your Website In 2019


* Press Release

* Add Quora Question in Your Blog 

* Blog Commenting 

* Brand Building


1) Press Release to Increase Popularity of Your Website


Press Release is one of the most effective technique to build reputation of your website. Get more visitors to your website , more popularity of your website and rank higher on google.


You have exciting news that most of the people are not aware of this super benficial technique and You have a chance to build your website repuation and outrank your competitor.


Press Release sites are high domain authority sites and that’s the reason you should post your blog in these popular sites. No need to run online ads to promote your website, no need to invest money to promote your website. Promote your website using free Press Release Sites.


Some of the Popular press release sites that I personally take advantage is Pressnews.biz and Yourstory.com . You have to signup these websites first and then you need to fill up headline , descritpion, body , your email Id , your name etc. and then you have to publish it .


It generally takes 10-15 days to accept your blog and once your blog is published in these popular platforms, you will get tons of visitors of your website and your website ranking will go up.


2) Add Quora Question in Your Blog to Improve google ranking of Your Website


Everyone knows that Quora is the best Question -Answering platform. It is the best platform to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website. In fact these days, you can run ads on Quora too. The popularity of this platform is increasing day by day and it’s a great platform to attract traffic for their website.


we generally used to write unique content and it’s easily used to rank. But It’s 2019, You have to come up with a new approach that is Question-based blog to attract the reader’s attention. And Google gives more priority to Question-Based Blog. Question-based blog rank way better than non-question based blog.


3) Blog Commenting to Improve Website Ranking in 2019


Blog comments are usually viewed as the opposite of the link that keeps on giving. Blog comments are usually the nightmare that never ends.


Many of YOU might be thinking that Blog Commenting in 2019 is considered spamming. But is that reality?


Not at all. It still works in 2019. But You need to do it smartly without spamming it.


Google hate spammers and loves Valuable Content whether it is in the form of comment , Blogging etc.


Sharing just content and sharing valuable content is entirely different. You need to share helpful content. Share your content in popular sites and yes it must be related to your niche. Otherwise, it will be considered as spamming and hence google ranking of your website will go down. So, Always think before act.


Benefits of Blog Commenting Links


  1. More traffic to your website
  2. Reputation building
  3. Expert positioning
  4. Building inbound links
  5. Leads and conversions


Blog commenting is also done for Brand awareness and to attract traffic.  


4) Brand Building to Increase Chances of Ranking Your website on Google First Page


Brand is a sign of trust and popularity. Google loves Brand .


How can you build brand?


Building a BRAND is not a piece of cake. It takes years to build brand. You need to share valuable content continually for your readers . Build community and answer each and every question of your readers. You have to keep patience in blogging industry because it’s a game of persistence.


You need to build strong social media presence especially in Facebook and Instagram. If you open your own YouTube channel then it will be cheery on the cake because Video is the future and you can insert video in your blog to decrease bounce rate of your website . As a result, Your website ranking will go up.


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