LeapZipBlog: Glain max's blog: Many of the benefits of having a fertigparkett aus bambus at home are well known

Many of the benefits of having a fertigparkett aus bambus at home are well known

August 7, 2019 by Glain max  


One of the biggest advantages and that is highly valued by those people who are aware of the need to take care of the environment and think about the sustainable development of the planet, is that it is the most ecological way to install fertigparkett aus bambus.

Bamboo wood can be extracted without killing the plant at all since, being a shrub and not a tree, it grows back and regenerates. Hence, it makes the platform of this material the most ecological option and consistent with the environment.

In addition to being very easy to install, it also has properties that benefit us on a day-to-day basis as it is non-slip and antistatic.

Technological Wood Pallet: Types, Characteristics, and Installation:

The exterior platform of klick parkett has established itself as a real option. Share:

The klick parkett flooring, also known as technological or composite flooring, is a product derived from wood specially designed to be outdoors as pavement.

It has excellent performance, improving in some areas those offered by wood naturally, and is suitable for demanding uses. It is an alternative to the use of tropical woods.

Its advantages include its low need for maintenance, high resistance, not producing splinters or a comparatively lower price than some wood. Hence they have become the favorite option for many.

Uses of the massivholzdielen:

This type of landhausdielenflooring is mainly used as a floor for terraces, patios or swimming pools in domestic areas. However, its great resistance and versatility have made it a solution for high traffic areas such as promenades in maritime areas, docks or common areas of hotels, etc.

Outdoor flooring:

The main limitation is that they are not suitable for areas where there will be traffic. That is the usual passage of vehicles.

However, although the above in the most usual, the uses of the composite are not limited to the floors. For some time it has been used as cladding of facades - mainly ventilated facades and structures such as pergola, porches, etc. Also to manufacture garden fences, railings or even decks.

Composite Composition or Wood:

It is a product, known as composite or technological wood, the result of the combination of a traditional and completely natural material such as wood with others of technological origin such as resins and polymers.

A high percentage of the products used to manufacture this type of platform is recycled and/or recyclable raw material. It is, therefore, a sustainable alternative.