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Differences between parquet and floating floor

August 7, 2019 by Glain max  


One of the big questions when it comes to conditioning a house is whether to put parquet or floating flooring. It is not an easy decision, because if you make a mistake changing it can be a real headache. For you to choose well, we at crownbabmoo.eu.de will show you the differences between both options.

Differences between parquet and floating floor:

The fertigparkett is a type of floor formed by wooden slats approximately 1 cm thick. The width of the slats is variable, but the length does not usually exceed 45 cm.

The parquet replaces the current floor of the house, so to install it you have to remove the previous floor. Then you have to glue it to the floor, slash it to make it level and varnish it.

On the other hand, the floating platform also called floating parquet or glued parquet can be made of wood or imitation wood. Unlike parquet, it is not a type of soil since it is placed on the base floor (hence it is called floating). Its installation is therefore simpler.

Parquet Features:

There are different types of parquet. However, they all share a series of general characteristics that we analyze below.

The parquet is made of natural wood, so it can suffer variations related to temperature changes, humidity levels in the environment, etc.

The parquet is generated from different layers of wood, which start on support, include a core capable of absorbing bumps and provides stability and a surface layer, which will be the visible one.

All parquet sheets are treated before installation. Several layers of lacquered or protective oil are usually incorporated into the surface layer.

As for its strength and price characteristics, we review them below.


Properly treated bambus arbeitsplatte can maintain its original characteristics for many years. There are two keys that will help us improve its resistance, on the one hand, it must include a solid core in its intermediate layer, which allows the blows to be absorbed and not reflected on the surface, on the other hand, it is essential that the surface is lacquered or incorporates oils, which reinforce the resistance of the visible layer.


The price of the fertigparkett aus bambus depends mainly on the material of the surface layer. Some of the most used materials for floors are oak, in different varieties, ash, maple, bamboo, and beech, although there are all kinds of possibilities.