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How To Spectrum add/Manage Users Account? Call +1-855-947-4746

August 8, 2019 by Adam Wilson  

Spectrum is one of the most used mails across the world, and it proffers various features and facilities. But some time users face several issue or new users not able to understand some thing or perform, because they are unaware about it. In that spectrum add/mangers uses account is one of them, to resolve this issue follow below mention steps or call at +1-855-947-4746 Spectrum Customer Service to resolve any issue or seek any help.

Manage Spectrum Usernames

Spectrum username is utilized to sign in to Spectrum.net, where users can find their account information, Security Suite and Voice Online Manager.

For Updating/Changing Email Address and Other Contact Info

For updating contact information, including update email address:

·         1st step is to sign in to Spectrum.net and after those select Settings.

·         Then go to the Info tab.

·         Next, Select Manage to edit user name, phone numbers or email addresses.

Users can register up to two email accounts (in addition to your Spectrum.net email address) and up to three contact phone numbers.

 For Communication Preferences

As a Primary user, user can let Spectrum know how they want us to communicate with them.

For updating preferences:

·         Began with Signing in to Spectrum.net and then select Settings.

·         After that select the Notifications tab.

·         Now, choose the type of notification users want to update and select the Manage button.

After that users sign up for, Account Notifications, Bill Delivery, Service Alert and Appointment Reminders notifications, and can set up two contact methods per category.

For Account Controls

As there are three kinds of Spectrum usernames that is Primary, Admin and Standard. Every Spectrum.net account allows seven usernames. One should be a Primary and the remaining six can be consign any combination of Admin or Standard permissions.

·         In this, Users with Primary and Admin permissions can supervise other users.

·         Users with Standard permissions can scrutiny their set Account Controls.


Before making changes, select Save. (In the Settings page, choose the People tab to manage users' account permissions)

For Changing Account Password or Security Question

·         1st Sign in.

·         Then go to the settings section of your Account.

·         After that Select Edit next to your password.

·         Then, Update your password info.

·         Lastly click to Select Save.

Hopefully above mention steps will help to new or users of Spectrum Email to add mange users account. Anyhow, if because of some reason you are not able to manage the add users name then no need to worry, users can contact +1-855-947-4746 Spectrum Customer Support and get easy and instant solution of entire issues. Resources URL: - https://medium.com/@adamwilson99988/how-to-spectrum-add-manage-users-account-call-1-855-947-4746-f689b5124bb2