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Know about Merchant Navy Courses and jobs after course

August 10, 2019 by James Wilkins  

The Merchant Marine Officer performs duties of responsibility and supervision on all commercial vessels (passenger or freight). It can be specialized (bridge or machine) or versatile.

The merchant marine is the fleet of boats used for trade and tourism. These boats are divided into different categories according to their size and purpose. Dry merchant ships, specialized vessels, coastal vessels, cruise ships, ferries and tanks are part of the merchant marine. If your dream has always been to work on a cruise or to be employed in a commercial boat, you should bear in mind that there are several Merchant Navy Courses In India.

Education / Training to become a Merchant Marine Officer

To become an officer of the merchant navy you have take admission in Top Marine Engineering Colleges in India

There are two streams (formerly A and B): the multi-disciplinary academic stream, an engineering stream, and two monovalent professional streams, one bridge and the other machine.

The academic pathway

Normal access to this pathway is by competition, Marine Engineering Courses in India, depending on the qualifications of the candidate.


After the 3rd year of the course from Marine Institute in India, you obtain a diploma of student officer, which becomes a versatile postmaster's certificate after 12 months of sailing. The 4th year leads to the certificate of 1st class captain, polyvalent, and as an engineer

The vocational course machine

The two-year course is opened by competition and allows obtaining the brevet of shift supervisor. A training course and sailing times lead to the Chief Engineer's certificate.

The vocational course

The two year training is open on maintenance to get qualified as to work Merchant Marine Officer. A training course and sailing time lead to the captain's certificate of 3,000 ums, then captain.

To know: one of the characteristics of the courses is to alternate the periods of school and navigation. Examinations allow students to acquire diplomas, which become patents when they are validated by a sailing time. Only patents give the right to perform certain functions on ships.


The income of a merchant navy officer varies according to his rank. The monthly base salary of a second engineer is very high. A captain or a commander earns very good salary compare to other engineering.

Career developments

  • The officer cadet bridge becomes lieutenant shift leader, then second captain and commander.
  • The student-officer Machine becomes engineer officer shift leader, then second engineer and chief engineer.
  • The radio cadet becomes a radio officer and then a radio conductor.
  • The Assistant Commissioner becomes Chief Commissioner of Service.
  • Qualified officers are in high demand. Re-conversions as port officer or deputy port officer are possible.

Best Marine Engineering Colleges in India


There are many Best Marine Engineering Colleges in India and can fill the Merchant Navy Forms to take admission in one of these colleges. The condition to take in these colleges is that students have to clear the entrance test and must obtain good ranking to get admission in top college.