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Every woman's dream: Cartier diamond ring

August 10, 2019 by ddrubyjewelry  

Cartier, known as the “Emperor Jeweler”, has always had an inseparable relationship with “Diamond” in the legendary 170-year history. The sparkling brilliance of the diamonds has given Cartier a constant source of inspiration, creating one piece of jewels and pieces of jewellery, and Cartier has also given the possibilities of diamonds through creativity and craftsmanship, and has become the dream of all women in the world. Dreamy products.

Since ancient times, diamond jewelry has been the most well-known meaning, non-love, and no woman under the sun will not be tempted by a diamond ring in the Cartier classic red box. In the history of diamonds in the name of love, Cartier naturally plays an indispensable role. In 1956, Monaco's Prince Rainier III was a 10.47-carat diamond ring cut with a Cartier emerald to Hollywood. The superstar Grace Kelly proposes, and the Cartier diamond ring represents commitment, vows, and eternity, and has since become the perfect symbol of the fairy tale of the prince and princess.

Only diamonds with the best color, no visible flaws and the highest ratio of gloss can meet the strict selection criteria of Cartier. Not only that, but Cartier is more than the general 4C standard, and it is introduced into the classification system of senior diamond experts. In addition to the selection of carat, clarity, color and cut, the unique 5 C quality is the charisma of Cartier.

In the new Etincelle de Cartier Jewelry, the style is very simple and neat. Through the paving method, the diamonds shine brightly and elegantly. Whether it is worn alone or with multiple lines or multiple layers, it can show uniqueness. personal style. The Cartier Destinée is the classic representative of Cartier's single diamond ring. As the ultimate choice for the diamond ring for lovers, the romantic lace craft of the Destinée ring comes from 18 months of careful training, making the diamond bloom the most. Lenbi's ray of light. For 170 years, Cartier's red jewel box has been filled with the sweet love between lovers, and has been passed down from generation to generation. The promise of Cartier's diamonds will be eternal.