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Minimal but not simplify! Hermes three ingenious designs

August 10, 2019 by ddrubyjewelry  

Shape is the root of everything. Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès Jewelry Department, said in a word that the core of the 2019 spring and summer jewellery design. Among them, Hermes series jewelry hides three design ingenuity, let you wear a fashionable Degree upgrade immediately.

First, meticulous metalworking without seams

Regardless of the introverted elegance of the rose gold and the neat personality of the silver, the Hermes series of jewels are very detailed in the metalworking process. The whole piece of jewellery is not seamed, and the soft lines can perfectly fit the wearer's body curve, making it an addictive one.

Second, hide the heart of love

The ingenuity of the self-love favorite Hermes series of jewels is that different lines can be seen from different angles. When wearing a ring or bracelet, you can see the simple two-line design from a top view; from the side, you can find Hermès hidden love shape, just like the designer's little secret.

Third, the sprinkling diamond star river

In addition to the full-faced style, the Hermes jewellery diamond-encrusted style is even more exciting. The diamonds are arranged from the top to the side of the jewels, densely and orderly, just like the stars scattered randomly, very elegant.