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Special Makeup Look for Raksha Bandhan - BHI Makeup Academy

August 11, 2019 by BHI Makeup Academy  

What’s better than doing Makeup and looking beautiful?


Nothing! Yes, you got it right.


For the fair sex, nothing could be even better than that. Whether it’s an occasion or not, beautifying and keeping adoring for hours is always on the top. And, the next is to receive accolades, praise, and appreciation for all, what they did for hours.


The way the Makeup varies from occasion to occasion, it varies from person to person too, that for whom you are doing it. There’s only a single occasion when one does the Makeup for someone else than the fiancée or the friend.


Yes, you again got it right, and he’s nobody else than your brother himself. Your brother matters for you the most, and this gets proved by the age-old tradition of tying rakhi on the grand occasion of the Raksha Bandhan. Here your Makeup is different, uniquely unique, and exclusively done keeping in mind the likes and taste of your brother. Though, it varies from person to person but, there are few beauty tips which work equally well and are the best fit for all, who care for their brothers and leave nothing in impressing them to gather his appreciation in full.


Let’s unleash the best beauty tips one should adhere to remain charming, glowing, and mystifying the entire day. You will agree it’s going to be a hectic day to spend the whole day with your brothers and family as the whole. And, when you are with family, the best is to remain light and avoid wearing heavy Makeup. As the weather is generally sunny with scorching heat, the wisdom lies in going for waterproof products while keeping it simple and minimal. Keep your skin hydrated and flawless by applying primer before going for the foundation.


1) Face, making it from glowing to charming- Let's begin with preparing your skin from cleansing to toning, from moisturizing to hydrating, to have the right base to stick the applications. A matte primer along with a concealer work miracle to let you achieve it. A sponge or a makeup brush dab the foundation and your little patience make it settle down. Now you are ready to take your preferable shades to get you a sculpted look.


2) So, how to have Blushy cheeks – If the cheeks are not blushy, then what’s the fun, and to have it is no mystery. You have to contour the cheeks on hollow with a blusher, and then you have to intensify it with the bronzing powder. The gradation with highlighter and illuminator on your cheekbones would be the best bet in case you want to remain subtly natural. A fan brush’s gentle stroke of highlighter makes your face temple look beautiful and glowing.




3) Sparkling Eyes matters– You have a lot of choice from going for a Kajal stroke with matte finish eyeliner to shimmery smoky eyes to mysterious ombre eyes. Concealing under eyes and lid with matte concealer followed by a gentle blend of a blender brush does all magic you require. A golden shade in the inner eyes and the contouring your eye corners with eyeshadow, followed by matte kajal white application, on your waterline and lower lash lines makes them further beautiful. Now it’s time for the brow bone to have a light shade highlighter, and your lashes the mascara besides your brows getting groomed by definer.


4) Rosy Lips are must - Lips are to be exfoliated to remove the dead skin before any application, to have the pink rosy lips. To have further, are prepared with the primer and followed by the lip liner.


So, here’s our take away for your Raksha Bandhan.

Just let us know how you did and don’t forget to tell us the compliments you received.

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