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Enjoy your Holiday with our Kerala Adventure Tour Packages

August 12, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

If you are planning your holiday this time to Kerala, then book our Kerala adventure tour packages. There are lots of things to enjoy in Kerala adventure tour packages. Our adventure tour packages in Kerala features such as Paragliding, Bamboo Rafting, Mountain Climbing, nature walking, Tree House Stay, cycling and camping out while taking walks into the forests and climbing hills are some of the more known frills to be seen. The fact that these holidays help people bond more especially in families is also an encouraging factor. This is due to the fact that the basic human relations which get developed during adventure holidays such as teamwork and cooperation bring out the best in individuals.

Kerala is ideal for adventure activities as a place dotted with rivers, beaches, and hills; the potential seems far from realized.


The seven months post the south-west monsoon is ideal for aero sports in Kerala since wind speed and quality are predictable and is safe for adventure enthusiasts who are looking to experience paragliding. Paragliding is a sport in which the pilot can fly a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft in the air from the top of hills and flies over plains and the pilot flies from below a harness suspended below a lightweight wing.

Bamboo Rafting

The Bamboo rafting adventure can go for as long as nine hours and so provide a full experience. Indeed, Kerala gives any visitor an experience to remember through bamboo rafting and bamboo rafting in Thekkady had been practices by tribal’s who were inhabiting the place which was once Periyar Wildlife sanctuary.

Mountain Climbing

An activity that readily catches the attention of many is the Mountain climbing. It is a known fact that mountain climbing is a mentally challenging and fitness building sport but it can also be so much fun. The availability of mountain climbing spots in Kerala ensures that the adventure is as intense as you want it to be whilst retaining the element of fun. Normally it takes a full day to climb the mountain and so quite a number of preparations have to go into it such as the use of repellants and feeding plans.


Trekking activities which can be arranged to go on for days so as to ensure that visitors enjoy the forests fully. Cooking and sleeping will be done in the jungle and the mystery-filled forests of Kerala will be enjoyed during this adventure.


For those who prefer the sight of the rivers and are much more at home with the water bodies, the canoeing and Kayaking opportunities in backwaters of Kerala in Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Kannur get many visitors instantly excited as the Kerala culture and cuisine gets to be experienced fully even while being on a kayaking trip.

Tree House Stay

Kerala also has exquisitely designed tree houses inside forests and on the top of the mountains. Most of the tree houses are operated by owners who are passionate about eco-friendly architecture and have balconies that feature a display of the surrounding forest, creating the true experience to immerse in nature.

There are many more adventure activities to do in Kerala. Just visit our website and call us at +919811957978 and enjoy your Kerala adventure tour packages.