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Hop On Hop Off : Melbourne City.

August 12, 2019 by AbrarAli  

Melbourne, A city in Australia which is famous for its many laneways, its culture and cultural diversity, excellent dining option in all budgets for food lovers and it's amazing street art.


It is also known for being the coffee capital of the world and this city is regularly voted as the world's most livable city having every kind of facilities, which makes this city a popular vacation destination of Australia.



Nothing can be better than visiting this city and explore the awesomeness of Melbourne by using Hop on Hop off Melbourne  bus service.



Most of the people might be thinking after reading the word Hop on Hop off that what does it mean, Don't worry I am here to clarify all your doubts.



Friends, We are goanna explore about Hop on Hop off Melbourne  bus tours in this article, but first let me make you clear about the word Hop on Hop off and after that we will know about some places that you must visit in Melbourne.


Let's begin.


What is Hop on Hop off?


It exactly works same as it sounds, Yeah hop on hop off means you can get on the bus or get off the bus anywhere you want, Basically these hop on hop off bus tours consist of a closed loop circuit which means their busses runs on the predetermined routes and tour buses runs at a fixed time intervals along the fixed route.



This service allows you to visit city's popular places, heritage destinations and breathtaking landmarks at your own choice.



This type of bus tours service is available on so many big cities around the world like New York, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Paris and New Delhi etc.



The bus ticket of this tour is generally valid for 2 or 3 days, depending on what kind of package you choose, and also there are various companies in various cities who provides hop on hop off bus service, it depends upon you on which bus tour company you choose for your city exploring plan.







Places  that you must visit in Melbourne:



1. Federation Square:


Federation Square is considered as a must visit place in Melbourne, In 2002 when it completed 100 years of federation, It divided Melbourne's people into two sides, one who loves and other are those who hates it, Even though it is an integral part of the city and a great place for tourists to start their sightseeing.


2. Royal Botanic Garden:


In the heart of green parkland extending south of the Yarra River, about two kilometers from the CBD, the Royal Botanic Gardens are among the finest of their kind in the world. This  gardens encompass two locations: Melbourne and Camborne. The Melbourne Gardens cover an area of 38 hectares with more than 8,500 species of plants, including many rare specimens.


3. MCG - Melbourne Cricket Ground:


Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, so it's no surprise that a sports stadium numbers among the city's top tourist attractions. With a capacity of 100,000 and a history dating back to 1853, the MCG is considered one of the world's greatest stadiums.


4. Southbank & Art Centre:


On the banks of the Yarra River, a short stroll from Flinders Street Station, this area is packed with cultural attractions. Southbank drive is filled with indoor and outdoor cafes, restaurants, and live entertainment. An excellent arts and crafts market is held every Sunday, and the area is also home to many festivals throughout the year.


5. National Gallery of Victoria:


The oldest public art gallery in Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria holds more than 70,000 works of art in two city locations. The international collection is housed in the Saint Kilda Road building which was originally opened in 1968 and extensively renovated in 2003. The building is renowned for The Great Hall, where visitors are encouraged to lay on the floor and gaze at the colorful stained glass ceiling.


6. Eureka Tower:


Named in recognition of The Eureka Stockade, the 1854 rebellion of prospectors in the Victorian goldfields, the Eureka Tower stands 91 stories above ground in the heart of Southbank. The skyscraper's gold crown and gold-plated windows add to the theme and literally sparkle when the sun catches the top of the building. Sky deck, on the 88th floor, affords the highest public view in any building in the Southern Hemisphere.


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