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Large Inventory of Washer Motor II

August 13, 2019 by nanyang washer motor  

At present, most of the drum washing machines use DD direct drive motors or BLDC motors. Next, I would like to introduce the two Washer Motor used in the inverter washing machine.

DD Washer Motor is short for the direct drive "Direct Driver". Under the control of the drive system, the direct drive motor directly connects the washer motor to the load and drives the load. The advantage is that its output torque is large, so it can be directly connected to the moving device inside the drum, without connecting through gears, gear boxes, belts and other equipment.

DD motors are generally equipped with higher resolution encoders, plus the direct drive does not require the connection of components, DD washer motor greatly improves the range of speed regulation, and responds faster to speed changes. Since there is no need to go through multiple devices, the resonance caused by the motor during operation is reduced, and the noise is further reduced, further improving the efficiency.

Since the connecting parts are reduced, the service life of the motor as a whole is greatly improved. On the other hand, because the structure of the DD motor is different from other motors, it is necessary for the washing machine manufacturers to further adjust the installation mode, which also increases the cost. Therefore, DD direct drive motors are often used in high-end products.

BLDC is short for "Brushless Direct Current", which is a brushless DC motor. The brushless "brush" refers to a brush mounted on the stator of the motor, and its function is to alternate the current direction through the coil. The BLDC motor uses an electronic commutator that responds quickly to operation and has a large starting torque.

The brush on the stator often generates sparks due to friction when the motor is working. The toner generated by the friction will also damage the internal parts, and the BLDC motor that eliminates the brush interference has the low cost of the DC brush motor with high efficiency. However, it is worth mentioning that the BLDC motor still uses the traditional belt connection method, which is easy to slip in the case of water vapor.

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