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Common Mistakes To Avoid During Business Trips

August 16, 2019 by gobostonairport  

Believe it or not but many people consider business trips as free holidays. Just because you’re far from the office & perhaps out of the vigilant eyes of the boss does not mean you can let standards slide. Listed here are some common business trip mistakes that you must avoid.

Not prepared fully:

Preparation is important to a successful business outing, so ensure to research, plan and write the schedule beforehand.

Another must-have precautious is to print out any pertinent documents in advance, as wi-fi can be undependable, and reconfirm plans before departure, to steer clear of wasted time & expensive cancellations. 

Booking a poor hotel:

Check out adequate online reviews to book the best hotel for your requirements, but contact them directly for a better price, and check the location. Don’t spend off the beaten path & then spend the morning stuck in local commuter traffic. 

Getting the meals wrong:

Use online reviews to take the host to an eatery with an appropriate ambiance and cuisine to start productive relationship, but steer clear of dining in an expensive Michelin starred eatery or draining the hotel mini-bar and only order room service as a last resort.

It’s also advisable to have breakfast in the hotel for time efficiency; don’t skip this meal & be under-fuelled for the busy day ahead.

Forgetting about receipts:

Business trip should not hit employees in the pocket, so have all relevant receipts to forward to accounts; if it’s not organization policy to fully compensate expenditures, they can still be employed for personal tax deductions. 

Being unproductive:

Never forget that the trip is for business not leisure – stick to the schedule or the daily agenda will be unattainable. Don’t squander time on small tasks that could be done via e-mail or phone, when other face to face priorities are more urgent.

It might be an excellent idea to take the client out for a meal or a drink but that does not mean its ok to get hammered. Remember to act professionally at all times.

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