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Solar pumps for the pool

August 16, 2019 by Glain max  


Maytronics Solar Pool Heater is suitable for the filtration and circulation of pool water powered by solar panels. They offer high-quality performance as the materials and technology used to build them are of high quality.

The Maytronics Solar Panel pumps can be fed directly from solar panels, accumulators and the electrical network with special additional components according to specific needs.

They are applicable in any structure where you want to create a pumping system with direct power supply from photovoltaic panels to obtain an economic system, independent of the electricity grid and that offers the best guarantees of duration and efficiency over the years.

Excellent for residential pools, pools intended for a single home or open to the public. In all cases, a significant reduction in energy costs and zero impact on the environment can be achieved thanks to the possibility of supplying this pump directly and/or exclusively with Enersol Solar Panels.

What is the purpose of the filtration and water circulation system?

The pool water filtration and circulation system powered by solar panels serve to preserve the purity of the water from deterioration due to various factors (surrounding vegetation, insects, normal bathing) and, at the same time, guaranteeing the constant amount of water present in the pool.

In fact, after taking water from the aqueduct and using it in the pool, the water needs to be filtered and treated to preserve its qualities of purity and safety from hygiene and bacteriology that every public or private plant should always have a guarantee.

Therefore swimming pools are equipped with systems that provide circulation and treatment of physical water (filtration and cleaning) and chemical (disinfection). The combination of these treatments is what is necessary to ensure the health and cleanliness of the waters and the health of bathers.

Pool water filtration:

With the filtration, water is passed through a filter of inert and porous material. The types of filters normally used in swimming pools are sand, cartridge, and diatom.

Enersol Solar Pool Heater is chosen based on the cubic meters of water to be treated and the number of regulars of the pool; the complete recirculation of the water depends on the type and number of bathers, normally every 3-4 hours in public, 6-8 in private.

The solar pump:

The engine of the pool filtration and water circulation system is the pump. The pump consists of two main parts: the engine and the hydraulic part. Excellent materials and state-of-the-art technologies allow an excellent resistance to corrosion and a long life expectancy.