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Hungerbox- The Digitalized Cafeteria

August 16, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is an online platform that allows employees to order food and get delivery service for office and corporate events from the cafeteria. This is exactly what HungerBox, a B2B food-tech start-up founded by Sandipan Mitra, seeks to solve by digitising the entire cafeteria experience. Hungerbox app reviews highlight it as the best food ordering app because it brings together the food vendor, the company and its employees under a single umbrella to remove all the barriers that result in bad eating experience in a cafeteria.




Hungerbox team has the vision to increase the productivity of corporate employees by providing them with a technology-driven food experience which is safe, healthy and evolving constantly with best offers and payment options. They are revolutionizing office food and cafeteria management along with the best caterers in the city with the use of best in class Technology and Infrastructure and robust Operational processes. They are currently serving over 100 clients across the country and continue to delight them every day with their services.


How it works


This is how it works: all employees are given apps, which they can access either on their mobiles or computers, view the list of service providers, scan through their menus, order the food, mention the time of pick-up and pay for it. All of that is happening outside the cafeteria, thus reducing the waiting time and it highlights in the positive reviews for Hungerbox.


The food vendor knows when the food preparation has to be completed and the employee can go to the counter at the specified time, authenticate his or her order by scanning a QR code, pick up the food and leave. HungerBox’s clients include companies such as GE Digital, Qualcomm, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, TCS, IBM and HCL.