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Small mobile river pebble sand production

August 17, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

The mobile Basalt Production Line Transformation can be equipped with various types of sand making equipment according to production requirements. River pebbles are a common mechanism sand raw material, which is very common in the sand field. What types of models are recommended for small mobile river cobble sand production machines? Today we will recommend the relevant model configuration for you.

In fact, mobile devices are so popular now because they are really easy to use, work structure, simple and reliable, and more compact, with small footprint; work strength, inherit the advantages of fixed models, no need to worry about production strength Discounted, and on this basis, configure a powerful maneuver advantage to make the transition easier.

Two kinds of maneuvering configurations of tire type and crawler type, different configuration, different transition experience, tire type can be pulled by semi-trailer, crawler type machine can move around by itself, centralized control system remote control; self-contained diesel power generation The unit, oil and electricity, can be independently driven to drive equipment operation, get rid of the dependence on pure industrial electricity; fixed by hydraulic legs, no need to piling fixed, can be directly pulled away when the machine is transferred, no disassembly equipment; The crushing and sand making equipment needs to be selected. The engineer can plan the production plan for you. It can be configured from coarse crushing, medium crushing to fine crushing sand. Feeding equipment and screening equipment can also be configured synchronously to support single machine operation. The unit work in a joint, very convenient and easy to use, to meet the actual needs of users.