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The State of Video Marketing Mid 2019

August 17, 2019 by Glain max  

Consumer demand for video is growing, with seemingly no end in sight. Ever since the “year of video” – 2006 – each year has been another year of video, making that term seem pretty pretentious today. Nowadays, nearly 90% of consumers say they want to see more video from brands. Unsurprisingly, 87% of businesses in the US are using video as a marketing tool, up from 63% only two years ago.
These figures are according to research conducted by Smart Cuts Video & Animation, a creative communications company based in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland and Wyzowl, a leading explainer video company based in the UK and US. Their numbers say it all:

So is there a limit? Will the run to video for creative communication and marketing ever end? Well, put it this way, 99% of marketers today have turned to Video production in Geneva and animation, so one more percent and there’s no further to go. What can, and will, increase is spending on video and animation. 88% of marketers say they intend to up the budget.

If you think these people are over-stating the case for video in marketing and communications, have a look at these two videos to understand why this tool is so powerful:

Hard to admit that this kind of communication isn’t super effective. Ok, there’s more to it than video, granted, but video is the medium that makes this kind of impact possible in so little time and with so little effort required on the part of the consumer.

But these examples are not what people say they want to see most. That title goes to explainer videos. 39% of people surveyed by Smart Cuts Video & Animation and Wyzowl say theyneed to and love to learn, about everything from making chicken vindaloo to building a teleprompter DIY. Again, video is just a great way to give these viewers what they want, with pictures that, as they say, “tell a thousand words.”

This is no doubt one of the reasons why marketing and communication departments are having an easier and easier time proving the ROI of video to a sometimes still recalcitrant upper management. 44% of marketers surveyed said they felt that in 2019 it was easier to convince others in their organizations that video was worth the time and money.

All pretty predictable trends so far, but here’s somethingrecent research picked up on that is a hairpin turn to previous statistics: YouTube is down from 90% to 80% as a channel marketer say is working for putting out their videos.
Is this because YouTube isn’t really what we’d call a social medium, and that because Facebook, LinkedIn and co. have started promoting the use of video, they have more appeal? Possible. More research needs to be done to verify this hypothesis, but certainly the fact that YouTube is not a place most of us browse to keep up with what’s going on in our social network, makes it a loser in so far as getting video in front of eager eyeballs is concerned.

So that’s a trend to watch in Video production in Lausanne for creative communication. As are many others that you can find out more about by visiting www.smartcuts.chor by downloading the full research report on The State of Video Marketing 2019 here.