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Hop on Hop off: London

August 17, 2019 by AbrarAli  

Experience one of the most immersive ways to discover the city situated around Thames River, Yes you got it right, we are talking about London.


It is probably the most beautiful city in Europe continent to explore and also to spend your vacation, but for a newcomer, it might be a little tough to explore this city.


Hop on Hop off bus London is there to help you out. Sit back, relax and let the sights, sound and the culture of this incredible city come to you.


So, we are here to discuss about Hop on Hop off bus London, We will also know about some famous tourist attractions in London.


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As you know that in Hop on Hop off bus service you'll get so many new and interesting which you will not get in any other bus service, This bus service allows you to visit and explore the heritage destinations, popular landmarks and many more legendary places at your own pace, If you're done then you can get off the bus anywhere and if you want to explore more than this service allows you to get on to their busses running in their predetermined routes, You can get busses in a regular time interval, All you have to do is to get to that route where Hop on Hop off service providing bus arrives.


Some famous places in London to explore


1. Tower of London


From prison to palace, treasure vault to private zoo, the magnificent Tower of London has fulfilled many different roles down the centuries. One of Britain's most iconic structures, this spectacular World Heritage Site offers hours of fascination for visitors curious about the country's rich history after all, so much of it happened here. Inside the massive White Tower, built in 1078 by William the Conqueror.


2. London Eye


Built to mark London's millennium celebrations in 2000, the London Eye is Europe's largest observation wheel. Its individual glass capsules offer the most spectacular views of the city as you embark on a circular tour rising 443 feet above the Thames. The journey lasts 30 minutes, often quicker than the time spent lining up for your turn.


3. Westminister Abbey


Another location with a long association with British royalty, Westminster Abbey stands on a site that's been associated with Christianity since the early 7th century. It is officially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, Westminster Abbey was founded by Edward the Confessor in 1065 as his place of interment.


4. Tower Bridge


Nothing says "London" more emphatically than the 318foot tower housing the giant clock and its resounding bell known as Big Ben. It's as iconic a landmark as Tower Bridge. The tolling of Big Ben is known throughout the world as the time signal of BBC radio. Below it, stretching along the Thames, are the Houses of Parliament, seat of Britain's government for many centuries and once the site of the royal Westminster Palace occupied by William the Conqueror.