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How to Clean a Silk Rug At Home

August 18, 2019 by Rug Direct  

A rug is a luxurious item. You cannot imagine the luxury of a living room without a carpet. The home improvement market offers different varieties of rugs. Style, fabric and weaving determine the quality of a rug. Among all types of fabrics for rugs, silk is one of the finest choices. The fabric is well associated with luxury. Earlier times, silk rugs were the pride of kings' villas. If you have a silk rug gifted by your ancestors, take care of the precious item.

Silk is a natural protein fiber and one of the strongest natural fibers. Unfortunately, when it gets wet it loses up to 20% of its strength. Cleaning with an abrasive product and hot water can harm its quality. So, professional cleaning is necessary to follow.

Don't Let Dust Sit on the Rug

In your daily cleaning routine, don't forget to include the rug. Vacuum the rug regularly, at least once a day. While vacuuming the delicate item, use a brushless suction head. It sucks dust. Roller or beater brushes can pull out fibers and can damage the carpet. Vacuum every corner of the rug to clean dust particles.

Sweeping the Rug with a Broom

You can sweep the rug with a plastic made broom having blunt edges. It will remove dust to some extent and after that vacuuming can clean the surface well.

Shaking the Rug

On weekends, take your rug out in your backyard to remove debris by shaking. Use your hands to gently pat the rug. Place the carpet on a neat floor in the upside-down position. Pat with the help of hand or a stick on its back. It will lose dust and remove from the rug swiftly.

Treating Stains

Stains on a silk rug should be treated carefully. Any kind of stains needs immediate cleaning before they set in and become stubborn.

There are two types of stains, solid and liquid. Both of them need different kinds of treatment to remove without damaging the rug.

For removing solid spills, gently scoop solid debris from the rug using a blunt spoon. Don't scrape the fiber of the rug because the motion can damage the silk fibers. After that with a damp cloth, clean the stained area.

For removing liquid, use a damp cloth to blot the spot. Before that, you need to try to remove liquid as much as possible. Use tissue paper to soak the liquid. After that clean the area with a damp cloth. Again use paper towels or any dry towel which don't bleed. After that, you can keep the rug for air dry. Don't use a hair dryer to dry the affected area. Hot air can damage its fiber.

There is one more effective way to remove a liquid stain is using club soda. Pour the club soda onto a clean cloth and blot the area. Use a dry cloth to remove excess club soda and let the area air dry for a day or two.

If you are looking for deep cleaning of the silk rug. there is no better option than laundry. Learn more : Rug Direct