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Imei Unlock Google Pixel Configuration Details

August 18, 2019 by rosan shaha  

Sim network unlock Google pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl mobile configuration detail. Hardware information about Google pixel various models.

     Google pixel, Samsung, apple iPhone, LG, Huawei and Motorola are top class smartphone manufacturer. Among them Google is very innovative. Android operating system is developed by Google. Recently released android operating system is android pie 9 and upcoming android Q operating system. Most of the Google pixel mobiles are available on amazon, Verizon, T-Mobile, walmart, best buy, at&t, sprint and b&h photo video. Google pixels are available in sim locked condition and unlocked Google pixel mobile.

      Sim locked Google pixel can use only one sim card. If you insert another sim then it prompt for sim network unlock code. To generate Google pixel unlock code, customer need imei number. After network unlock Google pixel is free from sim restriction.

 Recently released Google pixel mobile are pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL. Both mobiles have latest technology and hardware.

Hardware configuration details of Google pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL.

RAM: pixel 3 both model have 4 GB RAM. But performance wise it is on par with Samsung galaxy note 10 and iphone XR.

Processor: it has latest qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845. It works best for gaming and other multi taking activity.

Display screen: Google pixel 3  5.5 display while Google pixel 3 xl has 6.5 inch display.

Qi wireless charging: Google pixel can wirelessly charge using power pad.

Virtual Reality support: it has built in virtual reality support. Which are best features for gaming purpose.

Camera: Pixel is measure quality for image. Google pixel name suggest that great image quality. Google pixel has best camera performance equivalent to Samsung galaxy note 10 and iPhone xs.


Price: price of Google pixel 3 mobile is under 500 $. Most of Google pixel model are available on EMI from sprint, Verizon, roger, bell, telus, Vodafone, Telstra, at&t, amazon, best buy. Emi based Google pixel mobile are network locked and it need sim unlock code for Google pixel. There are many apps and software which produce mobile unlock code from imei number. Just provide imei number and network carrier details. Many third party services provide mobile imei unlock code for few dollars.


Mobile unlock is process of removing sim locked. It requires sim network unlock pin. LG and Samsung are the big name in smartphone industry. They also provide electronics home appliance. Most of the latest mobile of lg and Samsung have all features including high capacity processor, more ram, storage capacity and high definition camera. Therefore price of those mobile starts from 600 dollars. But most of the network carrier like t-mobile, At&t provide those cellphone only at 40 to 50 dollar monthly plan.

Those smartphone are network locked. And you are force to stay on that network. Further more if you insert other sim then you will get error message. Those messages are invalid microchip or wrong sim card inserted. And it asks to enter sim network unlock code for mobile. Here you are in contract with sim Carrier Company. Until your contract condition are fulfilled, you will not able to remove sim lock. Or we can say you are stuck to specific network operator. So without unlock mobile, other sim card will not work.

Method 1) Call customer care for smartphone sim removal code

To be honestly it is very difficult to get mobile unlock code from customer care as you are in contract. Hence you must pay all pending amounts to get unlock code. But you are moving out of county for business meeting then customer care can temporary unlock mobile for 15 days. As when you are out of country sim carrier will charge roaming fees. Which are normally very high compare to normal tariff plan. But when you come back to your city. Your mobile will automatically network locked.

You can also contact competitor customer care. Better is to visit their local office. As they will get new customer so they are very keen to help you out. Keep your mobile imei number and sim card number with you.

Method 2) Unlock smartphone using network unlock code

There are many ways you can get sim unlock code for mobile. For that first find imei number of your mobile. Go to setting -about phone- imei related information- here you will get imei number. Note down that number. There are many service provider will generate . Now from imei number you can find unlock code for sim card. Once you get code insert any sim card for example sprint or bell and restart smartphone. On mobile screen it asks to enter sim network unlock pin. Enter code and mobile is unlocked. This will permanently unlock cellphone.

Use software for mobile network unlock code

There are software available which can unlock lg, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Motorola, htc and huewai mobile. First download unlocking software on computer. Software are available for both android and ios operating system. Make sure you have latest version of software. Now connect smartphone to computer using usb data cable. Choose exact mobile model and computer software detect it. Then click on unlock. It will take few minutes to unlock mobile. Now you can use all sim including Verizon, roger and Vodafone.


Advantage of unlocked mobile

When your mobile is sim locked, you will not get any discount offer. Because company knows that you are not able to move on other network. But after network unlock mobile you are free to use all kind of network. You can use dual sim when other carrier offers unlimited data plan and free text message. You can also grab fix monthly plan for unlimited outgoing call.

Samsung Galaxy Note Carrier Network Unlock detail procedure.

This article guides you about how to unlock android smartphone and Samsung galaxy smartphone sim unlocking without unlock codes. Step by step procedure for Samsung galaxy note unlocking without unlock codes.

If you reside at United States and Europe, you will get many Samsung smartphone at cheap rates. But those Samsung galaxy and galaxy note mobile are mostly locked with sim card like at&t, t mobile or us cellular. Even Verizon 4g sim are also sold along with Samsung galaxy nexus and galaxy s4 note etc.


Now after few months you have very good roaming or outgoing calling offer from other sim provider. But when you insert new sim to your galaxy android smartphone, you get message that invalid sim card- network locked sim card inserted or you get message that sim restricted or sim not accepted. This happen because your Samsung galaxy is locked by sim gsm service provider. Your galaxy is network locked.


But you need not to worry. Here I am going to explain the entire procedure for unlocking Samsung galaxy note and without unlock codes. First you need to understand that how mobile sim network locking initializes within your android os software. Then you can easily unlock your galaxy android mobile.

Your Samsung galaxy all models network sim lock initialize by 1.perso sha256 and 2. nw lock/ network lock nv data initialize. This two comes under network lock option. If you tweak with this two modules you can unlock your Samsung galaxy note 2, galaxy note 3 and galaxy note 4 and any Samsung galaxy phone.

For above option you first need to enter Samsung galaxy note service mode by this command-

*#0011# or *#197328640# or *#27663368378#. There are different ussd commands for entering galaxy service mode. As there are many Samsung galaxy models. If above commands are not working with your galaxy model then try mode preference menu command that is *#2263#. Here I want to tell you that you fist enter service mode of your galaxy android mobile then only you can get galaxy network unlock code option.


Once you entered service mode of galaxy note you will get this 5 option as show in below image. 1.umts 2.cdma 3. Lte 4. Sim 5. Run efs synce. For your information this 5th option useful when your imei no is not valid or you are facing network registration problem.

Now tap on first option umts. Then on next screen tap on debug screen option.

Under debug screen tap on phone control option.

Now you get network lock option tap on network lock option.

Under network lock you have 5 options as show in below image. 1. perso sha256 info 2. perso sha256 on 3. perso sha256 off 4. Nw lock nv data initialize 5. Rat_free_supporting on-

Here is the trick for unlocking Samsung galaxy note. Focus on option 3 perso sha256 off and option 4 network lock nv data initialize. First tap on perso sha256 off option. This will enable perso sha256 off flag. This will take around 30 second to enable perso sha 256 flag. This will stop prompting unlock code. But still there is network lock enable within your Samsung galaxy note. To disable or rewrite that network lock function tap on nw lock nv data initialize that is option 4. This will wipe out your network locking. Now reboot your phone.

Now insert new sim other that gsm service provider who locked your phone.

You Samsung galaxy note will not ask for network unlock code or sim unlock code. And your Samsung galaxy unlock fully. And you can use any sim like at&t , t mobile, us cellular, Verizon, vodafone etc.

For information 5th Rat_free_supporting on option- this rate free supporting on option is used to change band without rebooting or removing sim. You can change or turn off lte and you can use 2g /3g without removing sim. For that just tap on option rate free supporting on than it says now rat free supporting on. Then use *#2263# for setting modem/ radio. But this will lock your mobile to one band again.

Do you think Samsung galaxy note unlocking is such easy - no. This gsm sim provider like at&t, t mobile or us cellular have very advance technology. T mobile uses device unlock app. Now there is no unlock code they verify mobile via internet as per imei number of your phone. Mobile companies like Samsung are smart they block or hide above network lock option or you get 1. perso sha256 info and Rat_free_supporting on options only. There is no perso sha256 off option and you will not find Nw lock nv data initialize option. More important when you enter this code *#0011# or *#197328640# or *#27663368378# nothing will happen. Now what to do for unlocking samsung galaxy.

Just go to android phone setting – about phone and find baseband version of your modem it is also called modem / radio.

Now find the software as per your mobile baseband version and copy that software to your mobile memory and install that baseband modem software to your smartphone with the help of computer. There are many Samsung galaxy model and each model may have different baseband version so make sure you download proper modem software.

Now reboot your mobile now you will get network lock option and also you will find perso sha256 off option and Nw lock nv data initialize option. And many android smartphone secret codes which are not working, those codes also start working on your Samsung galaxy mobile. Now follow the above galaxy unlock procedure on your mobile. After you unlock your smartphone's network lock and free your galaxy mobile from locking. You can upgrade to latest baseband version.

I hope above procedure help you to unlock your Samsung galaxy smartphone.