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Why add subtitles to your videos?

August 19, 2019 by Glain max  


Translate video to English subtitles can be very effective in the creative process and communication strategy of your business. And it is that well-used subtitles can make videos more dynamic, emphasize concepts or function as an image anchor.

With some creativity, subtitles can be very fun and make your videos more attractive, but they have even more significant power, to make them reach a much wider audience.


The decision to include or not include translate subtitles to English in your videos can determine the viewing or rejection of a large number of viewers. Many users access their social networks and different platforms or online channels through their smartphones on the bus, at work or in busy places.

More important is the accessibility to those contents of people who are deaf or hard of hearing, first of all not to deprive them of that right and, later, because it means marginalizing an audience of millions of people in the world.

Something that cannot afford any company or brand that aims to reach the largest number of potential customers. To help achieve this last objective, another good strategy is to subtitle videos in another language.

Both for the success of the brand and the users, accessibility cannot be considered in the process of producing a video. It includes subtitles so that your content is accessible to all who want to see it.

SEO positioning:

The inclusion of text in videos helps a lot to its optimization since search engines cannot track images. They read text and codes from the different pages to find indicators that determine the relevance of the information with which they respond to each search.

If you use subtitles in your videos you will enjoy great advantages in search engines such as Google, which prioritize informational videos. In this way, subtitled videos will be much more likely to appear in the top positions of the results pages than those that do not use text.

For better SEO positioning use keywords in the subtitles and place the transcript on the page or in the HTML header and on YouTube.


Some content creators are taking advantage of the popularity of subtitles to reach users, who are increasingly moving from one site to another by playing videos from social networks and digital platforms without audio.

For this reason, and because with the text a greater understanding of the videos is achieved, their productions cannot do without subtitles. Many viral videos, YouTube channels or successful websites use them as one of the main elements of their editions.

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