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Simple guide for your home renovation:

August 19, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Here we are offering you the best guide for room design:

1. Plan properly:

Before starting any room design or decoration task, the first thing you should do is sit down and think about what you want, what elements you can remove and which ones you would like to add. With good planning, you will get better results.

2. Customize your spaces:

Your home must respond to your needs, your customs and your lifestyle. Therefore, you must think about what you need most and start with the design. Your house should be a reflection of yourself.

3. Create a functional space:

Each element you plan to add to each environment must have a function, and this is even more important if your apartment or house is small and you have little space available.

4. Think ahead:

Many times a deep remodeling or decoration entails a significant monetary expense, so it is essential that during planning you not only take into account the immediate needs, but those that may arise in the future.

5. Power lighting:

It is known that light, and especially natural light, create more harmonious, spacious and welcoming spaces. That is why in the current decoration they take into account that every space and every corner is bathed in good lighting.

6. Create ample spaces:

Dispense with partitions or dividing walls, avoid dividing the rooms into smaller ones. It is better than the spaces are unified in the house to create separate, dark compartments and without connection to the rest of the environments.

7. Choose a decorative style:

In renovation of your home, you don't need to follow a style to the letter. But you rely on it, and combine your tastes and elements with what you have, all to create your unique and personalized design.

8. Seek harmony throughout the house:

It would be good that when planning your decoration take into account all the environments as a unit, choosing the same style, colors, and materials for them. This does not mean that your house will become monotonous, but that you will get harmony and coherence in all spaces.

9. Prioritize comfort:

A home must be comfortable and comfortable. If it is within the possibilities of budget and space, try to acquire what is most comfortable for the purpose you have in mind.

10. Choose the right furniture:

You have to take into account size, quantity, and circulation. The furniture must be proportional to the environment in which it is located and in the right amount so that the environment does not become uncomfortable in home interior design.