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Sunderland Translations - Professional translation of documents and support services

August 19, 2019 by Glain max  


It is a fact, since the arrival of the internet, the world became smaller. In just seconds we can communicate with people who are thousands of kilometers away. Hence the constant need for multilingual communication and, in many cases, the official translation services.

In sunderlandtranslations, we can help you with the translation of your documents into multiple languages, since we can translate documents. Regardless of the length, complexity or specialty of your document, we will assign you a project manager who will work with you to ensure the quality of the final work. In addition to translation, we offer a range of additional services, among which are:

Translation of specialized documents:

In sunderlandtranslations, we have professional native language translators, who have also had the experience of living and working for the industries they translate, in various parts of the world.

This means that, for example, the translator who performs the translation of medical documentation has had experience in the medical field. The same goes for the translation of legal, marketing, and financial documents, among other specialized industries. Some of the documents we translate are:

•        Marketing and advertising material
•        Material for Human Resources
•        Legal documents (contracts and court transcripts)
•        Financial documents (bank statements, business plans, and annual reports)
•        Medical documents (medical articles, hospital reports, and patient history)
•        Instructions, manuals, and guides
•        Presentations
•        Proposals
•        Emails
•        Forms and surveys
•        Scripts
•        Editing and editing and document review services

There are several reasons why translated documents should be edited and reviewed. At Sunderland Translations,  we offer these services for your convenience.


If the original document of a translation was changed, updated or if it requires localization for a particular country, document editing services are the ideal solution. For example, a translate French to English document may require editing to properly locate.


It is always important for a person other than the initial English to French document translator to review the translation. Whether you hire us to review documents translated by other translators or as an additional option for document translation services performed by Sunderland, document review is an excellent quality control practice in the field of translations.

A good example in which the revision is fundamental is in the case of the translation of a very extensive manual in which more than one professional translator is required. Once the translation of the document is complete, the entire document will be reviewed by another linguist before submitting the project.