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Enjoy Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours through Global Leisure and Backpacking

August 19, 2019 by Global Leisure and Backpacking  

If you are looking for Vietnam mountain bike tours, at that point, you have come to the right place. Global Leisure and Backpacking provide the best mountain bike tours in Vietnam. Vietnam has a passion for cycling. Though it’s a developing country, it is relatively safe and its roads are for the most part in good shape, making it an ideal region to experience by mountain bike tour in Vietnam.
Suitable for cyclists of all fitness levels, while it may not be in your Vietnam travel guide, experienced peddle heads tend to head for the hills and beautiful landscapes of the northern highlands, and beginners and leisure riders favor the flats of the Mekong Delta in the far south.
You have likely observed news footage from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi with bustling city streets stuck with bicycles, however, the nation additionally includes an expansive network of rural roads, where riding conditions are good and the nation's farming life is part of the scenery. Many feel that the Asian rural existence makes a better-suited backdrop for long hours in the saddle than nearly anything else, and the bicycle is the favored mode of locomotion for many locals and tourists.
Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours
Westerners riding in Vietnam find the Vietnamese people they encounter extremely open and friendly. Many of them, especially children, will wave and say hello as you ride past, and many riders find it uplifting how happy the locals seem to see you. It’s generally easy to interact with people you encounter on the road, and this is a large part of the appeal of cycling here.
Obviously, you have two general alternatives for Vietnam mountain bike tours. You can buy or rent a bicycle, and amble along on your own time, at your own pace, or you can sign up for a Vietnam mountain bike tour. The second option is the more sociable of the two, as you’ll likely befriend other travelers over the course of a multi-day tour.
Most mountain bike tours in Vietnam are run out of Ho Chi Minh City. They vary in distance and duration, from short (3-4 hours long) outings, all the way to 15-day tours from Ho Chi Minh City cross-country to Hanoi, or to Bangkok, Thailand.
Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours
Commuter bikes can be rented inexpensively in most towns in Vietnam. For peace of mind, however, many travelers buy a bike in Vietnam, along with a good helmet and spare parts before setting out on a tour.
Food and Drink in Vietnam:

If you’re an omnivore and not squeamish about eating food that you can’t quite identify, Vietnamese food will easily fill your hungry cycle tourist belly. In the cities and main tourist destinations, you can find huge bowls of noodle soup, fragrant stir-fries, and all kinds of meat for just a few dollars a meal. For vegans, it’s very hard to find food away from the cities, if you can’t speak perfect Vietnamese!
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