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The best tips for sparkling clarity of your clothes with green wash:

August 19, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

In the following, Wholesale Laundry has given the best tips for washing clothes with sparkling clarity with the protection of the environment.

That's easy or maybe not? Here are the most important tips and tricks suggested by cleaners near me, for the perfect washing result, which also protects the environment and your wallet.

1. Wash less with a good air:

The laundry does not smell like freshly washed, but it is not dirty and sweat odor is not heard? Then it means: airing instead of washing again immediately.

This not only makes less work and saves resources. It also ensures a longer life of textiles. Especially sensitive materials such as silk, modern fibers and Modal and natural fibers such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton look longer than new due to fewer washes and are thus also worn longer.

2. Well-tempered:

Those who do not have a suitable job or who magically put on stains on clothes can wash most of their laundry at temperatures lower than those stated on the label. For example, jeans, blouses, shirts and the like do not need more than 30 degrees. And only towels or bedding used for personal hygiene get into the fibers even at 40 degrees Celsius. Compared to 60-degree laundry, you save so much energy.

3. Wash clothes on the left side:

Laundry should always be washed on the left side, i.e. with the seams outwards, no matter if jeans, sweater, bed linen or socks.

So the right side is spared while washing and you can wear your clothes longer. The same applies to the drying of the laundry. Especially those who like to dry their laundry outdoors should always hang everything with the left side outwards, so that the beautiful blouse, jeans or bed linen carry no light damage - at least on the side which is visible when wearing.

4. Fewer turns on the washing machine:

What applies to drive is also true when you wash clothes. Already in the driving school, novice drivers learn to switch in good time and not let the engine spin too high. This saves fuel and ultimately spares the technology. When washing the laundry, you can also rely on this principle. So you do not need 1400 revolutions per minute for clothing. 1000 are enough. This saves electricity.

If you want the best care of your clothes while washing, do not hesitate to use Wholesale Laundry services.