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Is it beneficial to invest in a new car?

August 19, 2019 by carfor dirhams  

Are you about to invest in a used car? Whether through an individual or professional seller, there are always pitfalls to avoid. Here are our ten tips! Buying a professional ensures a minimum of three months mechanical warranty. In case of engine failure, the gear lever or in case of discovery of hidden defects, the seller is responsible.  Conversely, if you purchase your vehicle from an individual or from best website to sell car, you don ' have very little collateral. If ever the particular seller does not want to acknowledge his guilt or bring in an expert, you can file a complaint. But it can cost you a lot of money and time. Sell your car to a professional seems to be the most advantageous solution. But remember that it also has a cost. Feel free to compare sell my car best price when you look to sell any car dubai, you might have some good surprises.




You have found the perfect car, but you should evaluate if the price quoted by the seller justified? You need to estimate based on market conditions, the model, the mileage, date of introduction, its fuel, power and the options the car has.


Listed below are some of the questions to ask a seller when you are meeting to Sell Used Car Dubai? During your first exchange, either on the phone or face to face, there are essential questions to avoid being cheated.


-    What is the use of the car?


-    What is the mileage?


-    What was the use of this vehicle?


-    Is it a first hand?


-    Will are the missing elements on the car's equipment?


-    Has the vehicle been damaged?


-    Do proper Car Inspection Dubai


-    When were the last repairs?


-    Why do you want to Sell My Car Dubai?


-     The price of the car?


-    When can you try the car?


During your appointment with the seller for Car Valuation Dubai, please move the vehicle to comb! It's even better to be accompanied by an expert,! Above all, agree to a time during the day. Day, defects will be more visible.


Let's start with the outside. Stand a few feet of the vehicle to see the whole. Consider then closer, bodywork, tires, headlights, mirrors, roof, not to mention the underside of the car. Among the necessary documents for the sale of a used car, one of the most important is probably the certificate of non-pledge. It is a document ensuring that the vehicle for Used Car Dealers In Dubai is 100%, and the seller was not stolen. Other necessary documents: a technical inspection dated less than six months, the vehicle registration, the maintenance book and invoices different repairs on the car. The seller must also be in possession of a certificate of registration. Once these documents in hand, you have to have before signing, check all the same accuracy of written and if they match well with the model of the vehicle and its registration. Then you have to demand the registration certificate of the vehicle.