LeapZipBlog: Glain max's blog: LED Pool Light is the best for lower running costs

LED Pool Light is the best for lower running costs

August 19, 2019 by Glain max  

The LED pool light comes with lower power. The operation of a set of pool lights costs a few cents per day, while bulb lights with light bulbs cost sometimes more than one euro per day of electricity consumed.

LED lights cost more to buy than light bulbs, they pay for it in the course of their lifetime.

Brighter light:

White Pool Light not only saves money but are also brighter than incandescent bulbs. The brightness of the lamps is given in lumens. At the same power, LEDs deliver significantly more lumens than classic incandescent bulbs.

Bring color into play:

Pentair Aqualight White Lighting has been proven that colors influence our mood. And who wants to have a boring white. With color-changing LED lights, on the other hand, sets provide the right ambiance.

Many LED pool lamps can be controlled via remote control or app. This allows you to easily change the color scheme of your pool lighting.

When watching football, the pool shines in the color of your favorite team, on Halloween in a scary dark red or at the next girl's night in intense pink. Even apart from these occasions, you can vary in color. Many pool owners are likely to end up with whitish or warm yellow tinges, yet no one keeps you from dipping into gaudy purple or deep red water.

LEDs last longer:

A huge problem with classic light bulbs is their average shelf life of just one year. Of course, if you want to use bulbs for pool lighting, then set up extra wiring and, on average, replace the bulbs every season, this is not an optimal condition.

You can avert the heap of blown bulbs by setting them to Pentair Intellibrite White LED Pool Light with a useful life of 7 to 13 years on average. Durable, cheaper, brighter, more flexible - what could be better?

More security:

The economic aspects are a big driver for the fact that LED lamps are the standard today. However, the brighter LED lights in the pool area are also an important safety aspect. You'll see more in the dark with bright lights - yes, that's not a new concept for you.

A good illumination of the pool area is essential to quickly recognize when children or other bathers are struggling with problems. Unfortunately, swimming accidents happen again and again.

Especially with small children you have to be careful and in the best case block access to the pool completely. Bright lights are help to discover people in need.