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Villa Elevator Technology Continues To Innovate

August 20, 2019 by otsealex  

       With the continuous innovation and maturity of the technology of domestic villa elevators, people have more requirements for the function and design of villa elevators. At present, a comfortable Villa Elevator is installed. Many owners care about how much power they use. Is it power saving? If it is a hydraulic elevator in the form of a villa, it will consider whether there will be oil leakage, is it environmentally friendly? And is there noise during the use of the elevator? Therefore, if you want to choose an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, intelligent villa elevator, you need to choose a professional villa elevator company. Our otse villa elevator company is a private elevator company specializing in producing intelligent, efficient and technology.

Product Features:
1. Adopt global brand synchronous host bearing, block brake, good concentricity, higher stability and safety.
2, the use of composite steel strip technology, tens of times of strength tensile bending test, to solve the risk of easy breakage of the wire rope and replacement trouble. No noise, strong comfort.
3, steel belt flexible transmission, smooth operation, no noise, strong sense of comfort.
4, the host and steel belt maintenance-free, use no worries.

product advantages:
First, energy saving and environmental protection, no worry about electricity.

      The voltage of the villa elevator is 220V or 380V, and the average power consumption is only equivalent to one domestic refrigerator. It completely eliminates the worry that you are worried about the power consumption of the elevator, low carbon and energy saving.

Second, simple and elegant, exquisite and beautiful.

       It can be built without a soil, beautiful and comfortable. With a modern elevator and exquisite decor, the otse villa private elevator will surely become a beautiful landscape in your home.

Third, applied to different private places.

       Ten private villas suitable for European, American and Chinese styles and different structures. The otse private elevator is designed to be smart, and can be specially tailored according to the private elevator user, so that the elevator is completely integrated into the private villa environment, which is not obvious, but naturally natural and harmonious.

Fourth, the style is diverse, suitable for all kinds of decoration styles.


      One of the great features of the otse villa elevator is that it can be designed according to your idea, tailored for you, in line with the decoration style of your villa's private elevator, in line with your aesthetics. Add convenience, convenience and fun to your private leisure life.