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What are the advantages of laser engraving?

August 21, 2019 by Glain max  


In recent years, Tool embossing Die and Laser Marking has become a very successful manufacturing technique. Also due to the possibility of performing this technique on different materials.

This last aspect represents a further point of strength appreciated both by companies and by individuals of various fields of application. This method represents an innovation not only for jewelry work but also for the most diverse products, including stamps, Traffolyte engraving, plaques, packaging, car parts, clothing, interior furnishings, and panels.

From a technical point of view, the laser light beam is directed onto the surface to be treated and, thanks to the high temperature, the object can be modified according to its graphic requirements.

For example, in various companies, laser marking is performed using highly technological machinery that guarantees fast and precise marking on various types of materials.

For goldsmith companies, exploiting laser marking technology is, therefore, becoming a great opportunity to avoid and permanently combat counterfeiting.

In the following, let us find out some benefits of Electrical branding iron.

1. High precision level:

The technology of the laser machine allows engraving on wood details and very small details that would require patient and wise use of engraving tools.

2. Execution speed:

Once, to make an incision on wood, it took hours if not days, depending on the difficulty and complexity of the subject to be engraved.
Today, thanks to technology, the process is much faster and much simpler and the times have been reduced considerably.

3. Personalization is permanent:

Laser engraving on wood is a permanent and lasting process. Once performed it is not subject to loss of color, does not deteriorate on contact or is subject to temperature changes or deterioration.

4. You do not have a surface problem:

It is possible to make laser engraving both on wood or metal with flat and curved surfaces. So it fits both on flat and three-dimensional objects.

5. You do not have installation costs:

Compared to other types of traditional customization, you have no set-up costs and you can have subjects ranging from engraving to engraving.

Compared to customization systems such as screen or pad printing, laser engraving gives a much higher and more accurate perception, suitable for enhancing a product and making it more recognizable and distinctive.

Thanks to this technology, today we can create customizations that give the perception of a work created by the expert hands of a master engraver.