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Tips To Avoid Common Moving Mishaps

August 21, 2019 by Tusharkanta Pal  

When you plan to move, you tend to commit mistakes when it comes to carrying out a number of moving tasks. True that mishaps while moving can happen anytime but there is always a way to prevent them. This article talks about the common moving mishaps and the solution that you can implement to avoid them. Go through the article further-

Tips to avoid moving mishaps

·         Furniture damaging- Many a times, the biggest mishap that happens is the damaging of the furniture. It is very easy for the heavy furniture items like sofa, table, desk, chair and others to get banged up while they are being moved. While you are lifting, moving and transporting the furniture, you are bound to drop it or hit it in between these moving tasks. To avoid this, you must disassemble your furniture as much as possible. The smaller furniture parts will be easier to life and move without being damaged. Also, you must use moving blankets, plastic sheets and good quality packing material to pack your furniture in the best possible manner. Check out approximate packers and movers rates in Gurgaon. We present you price and charges list for different moving circumstances.

·         Forgetting to hire babysitter- If you just forgot to hire the babysitter then you are surely going to fall in troubled waters. Kids can be really cranky and irritating while you are packing and moving your goods. Since you would not be able to give your kids proper attention every second while moving, you should hire a babysitter. Babysitter will keep an eye on your kids and will take care of them while you are engaged in other important stuff. If not a babysitter then ask the most trusted friend or a family member to take care of your baby until you are done moving.

·         Forgetting moving day essentials- Forgetting your essential bag is not an option. It is a necessity for you. Before you are all ready to move, you should keep a bag of essentials ready. This bag will contain your tool kit, toiletries, and few pair of clothes, paper towels, cleaning towels, medicines, undergarments and sleepwear. To be precise, it will have everything that you would require to settle immediately in your new home. Of course, neither would you want to nor you would be able to unpack all your cartons right after you have stepped in your new home. it is better to keep the bag of essentials ready with you.

·         Forgetting to turn on the utilities- No, no ways! You cannot step into a home with no air conditioner, fridge and other utilities are working, so, you should not forget to turn on the utilities before you move and enter your new house. You should ensure that all the utilities are turned on including air conditioner, electricity, warmer and others. before that, you should clear all the unpaid bills if you don’t want be embarrassed later                

·         Forgetting to inform neighbors- You should not restrict yourself to inform your neighbors about your moving, as they can help you clear the road off the parked cars they can re-park their vehicles to make way for your moving truck. Just keep them informed that you would be moving on which date. If you have informed them than only you can expect them to help you, support you

·         Floor scratching- Usually, wooden floors are scratched while the goods are being slid over them. To prevent this, you must ask the packers and movers to use moving blankets on the floors and then carry the furniture and other items. This way, your smooth floor will remain smooth with hardly any scratches on it.

·         Getting trapped in a moving scam- this is the biggest mishap that happen. The house owners hire any other packers and movers without checking their license and all. As a result of this, they fall into trap or scam. To prevent this, it is inevitable for you to check the background of the moving company and hire only if you find its positive customer feedback and good reputation in the market. Also, you should ensure that it has a list of satisfied customers and offers the services at the most affordable prices.Get an approx. estimation on Packers and Movers rates in Pune from top 3 verified packers and movers.

So, after going through all the above mentioned common mishaps and the solutions to avoid them, you must look forward to implement these solutions. Remember, you cannot avoid the mishaps completely but you can try to prevent them with your smartness. Thus, it is the time to hire the best packers and moves of the industry for which you can browse through the internet and consider the moving companies that are on the top results of the search engines. Once you have hired the finest moving company of the moving industry, you are sure to make your moving project successful. Also, do follow the above discussed tips to make it a hassle-free move.