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How Do You Design Your Space to Bring in Positive Vibe?

August 21, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

A perfectly designed space is important for the success of any remodeling project and the same goes for a complete home renovation. When you plan on designing your space, you should focus on the way you want to feel at home and the energy you want to share with your friends or family. Therefore, it’s suggested to work with the space you have and keep every room’s purpose in mind as you go.

Do you want to bring the positive energy to your home? It’s no doubt the appealing ambience doesn’t happen suddenly. Probably it’s because of the meticulous designers who use specific colors and layouts that improve feelings you want your guests to experience.

Working with Everything in Your Space

When you work on designing a space, you have to focus on a kitchen remodel, a bath renovation or an update to any room in your home? Do you want to design inviting, soothing spaces that are full of life and energy?

Remember that, there’s no one size that fits all design. So, keep in mind the energy you want to get as you make selections. Here are a few useful tips for designing the most important rooms in your home:

The kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home; but its functionality differs from a homeowner to another. Maybe you do a lot of cooking or focus on some light entertainment now and then. Or you might have a separate dining room or your kitchen might be your go-to-spot for eating.

Consider smart kitchen layouts that impact both functionality and mood completely. You can consider a triangulated kitchen space with a stove, refrigerator and sink. If you utilize your kitchen often, this works best for you.

An open kitchen layout can bring in an airy feel to your space and lift your mood. Go for lighter cabinets that open up small spaces very well. You should choose lighter paint that contrasts with countertops and cabinetry that offers intriguing complexity.

When you buy darker kitchen cabinets, you can avoid the feeling of being closed in and anxious in larger spaces. You should incorporate textures to avoid a monotonous look.

The dining room

Do you color your dining space with dark hues? They can be the ideal picks for your dining room. Bold red color works perfectly, even if you’re on a diet. The color promotes appetite. Just make sure that incorporate light fixtures that will set the overall mood of the room depending on the time of the day.

However, when you have breakfast with kids, you need different lighting than you’d want for a meal with close friends or romantic dinner for two. Make a purchase of light fixtures that allow you create the right mood for the occasion.

The living room

Bring in complexity and texture to your living room space through accent walls and accent lighting fixtures. You can go for natural tones and materials like wood or exposed brick that ensures warmth and comfort for an inviting and welcoming feeling.

The bedroom

Of course, you want to promote your sleep and relaxation. You can consider blues, greens and yellows colors. Though reds and burgundies can make a room pop, you can leave them out of the bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

The bathroom

When designing your bathroom, invest in intricate tile floor designs which can do wonders in breaking up a monotonous small space like a bathroom. Complex bathroom designs bring in more texture and depth while ensuring a great sense of invigoration inside.

Again if you want to make your small bathroom feel larger, airy and more energetic, you should choose lighter colors, natural lighting or light fixtures. If you have more space, install glass panels or complete shower doors instead of curtains that will create an invigorating mood.

Final takeaway

No matter whatever kind of space you start with, you can make changes to bring the energy you want inside your home. From a fresh coat of paint to a complete remodel, adjustments will make your rooms exactly the way you like them.

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